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Durability Function

Being the author of Titan Durability (which is by now included in Titan Panel 2.x), I would like to see some kind of GetDurability function for items similar to GetContainerItemInfo(bagID,slot) and GetInventorySlotInfo(slot).

AFAIK currently all Mods displaying durabilty are parsing it via GameTooltip, which is quite dependent on a bunch of Widget API functions and intricate regarding localization.

Anything like the following code would be highly appreciated.
durability, durabilityMax = GetContainerItemDurability(bag, slot)
durability, durabilityMax = GetInventorySlotDurability(slot)
I don't own an US-WoW-account, so i can't write this on the official UI forums. That's why I would like you to forward my request.
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