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Question about debuff, boss debuff vs normal debuff

I got two questions regarding this, hope someone can clarify this to me ^^

In the raidframes there are debuffs are appear bigger, and debuffs that are normal size, I understand that the bigger debuff called "Boss Debuff" which was introduced maybe one expansion ago? Not sure, and the rest of debuffs that arent boss debuff will appear normal size.

For the boss debuff some people also call them important debuff, because they also appear in the PvP scene, so not necessarily only applied by bosses, am I correct on this?

If so, please I need someone to help me, how do I test for this, in other words where can I go to check if my grid/addon show this and I want to make sure both exist in the same time so that I can make sure they are on different sizes and appear as I want.

My other question is where can I see a list of a which debuffs are Boss Debuffs, and which are Normal debuffs, A list would be nice for both pve and pvp.

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