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A Cliff Giant
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Bubbles in dungeons

Hello, I normally use the following code to define a bubble object:

Lua Code:
  1. function BB_findChatBubble(msg)
  2.    for _, bubble in pairs(C_ChatBubbles.GetAllChatBubbles()) do
  3.       -- Iterate the children, as the actual bubble content
  4.       for i = 1, bubble:GetNumChildren() do
  5.          local child = select(i, select(i, bubble:GetChildren()))
  6.          if ((child:GetObjectType() == "Frame") and (child.String) and (child.Center)) then
  7.             -- This is hopefully the frame with the content
  8.             for i = 1, child:GetNumRegions() do
  9.                local region = select(i, child:GetRegions());
  10.                if region and not region:GetName() and region:IsVisible() and region.GetText and (region:GetText() == msg) then
  11.                   return region;      -- this is serching object
  12.                end
  13.             end
  14.          end
  15.       end
  16.    end
  17. end

But this code doesn't work in dungeons. Bubbles in dungeons do not spawn from variable C_ChatBubbles.GetAllChatBubbles().
Is there another way to determine the currently displayed bubble in a dungeon?
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A Pyroguard Emberseer
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I wouldn't be surprised if the API is disabled in dungeons to prevent addons from triangulating party member positions. Blizzard has demonstrated previously that they don't like bossmods making encounters too trivial.
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