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Help with a couple of Macros regarding cooldown and active buff detection

Hi, I was wondering if someone might help with two macros I am working on.

The first one I wish to use in order to save action bar space. With my hunter, I wish to make sure that wingclip is always on my target, then use my dodge dependant Mongoose Bite, then finally use Raptor Strike.

Here is what I have so far:

/script if (IsUsableAction(51)==1) then UseAction(51); 
elseif (not IsBuffActive("WingClip","target")) then UseAction(50); 
else UseAction(49); end;
Action bar 51 is mongoose bite, 50 is WingClip, 49 is Raptor Strike. I'd like to modify it so that it only attempts Raptor Strike if raptor strike is not cooling down. I thought IsUsableAction would handle that, but it does not. I'm trying to incorporate GetActionCooldown into this somehow, but I can't figure how to use it. Is there another way to figure out if an action is ready to be used again?

My other macro is for my Shaman. I have a macro set to check if my self buffs are up, and if not, to buff them.

/script if (not IsBuffActive("Lightning Shield")) then CastSpellByName("Lightning Shield(rank 3)"); 
elseif (not IsBuffActive("Flametongue")) then CastSpellByName("Flametongue Weapon(rank 3)"); end;
Problem is, flametongue and the other weapon buffs dont' have a typical buff icon. The icon is of my current weapon, and the tooltip/mouseover info is as if I'm mousing over an inventory item. How can I incorporate that into a macro?

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