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OnLoad script error (Please help!)

Ok.. I'm writing a script that does a few things when a player/pet enters combat. I've fleshed out the whole .lua/.xml/.toc files, and went to load it for the first time. Here's the error that I get in WoW when the script loads.

String: Interface\AddOns\BarSwitch\BarSwitch.lua
Line: 14
Count: 1
Error: `=' expected near `BarSwitch_OnLoad'
String: Frame_BarSwitch:OnLoad
Line: 2
Count: 1
Error: attempt to call global `BarSwitch_OnLoad' (a nil value)
Here's the offending code in the .lua starting at line 14.

fuction BarSwitch_OnLoad()

	-- Registers Events
	-- Registers Slash Commands
	SLASH_BarSwitch1 = "/BarSwitch";
	SLASH_BarSwitch2 = "/bs";
	SlashCmdList["BarSwitch"] = function(msg)
	ChatMessage("BarSwitch v1.0 by Eilina Loaded");
and now the .xml file.

<Ui xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" C:ProjectsWoWBinInterfaceFrameXMLUI.xsd">
	<Script file="BarSwitch.lua"/>
	<Frame name="Frame_BarSwitch" hidden="true">
				BarSwitch_OnEvent(event, arg1);
I'm assuming the error generated from the xml file is because of the error in the lua file, and will go away once the lua is fixed. I however cannot see an error in the lua file to save my life. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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fuction BarSwitch_OnLoad()
"fuction" should be "function"
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DOH! Damn.. I guess looking at it for too long made me miss a stupid spelling error.. Guess I just needed a pair of fresh eyes. Heh. Thanks a bunch.

*bonks self for stupidity*
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