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blank spots

when i play with the game i get blank spots. Spots where i cant use my mouse to move, click on anything at all.. one of the spts is dead center on my screen the other is to the right.. even when useing default i get this..anyidea what this can be?
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Credendo Vides
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Question - where are your chat windows?

While they show as being invis, I've found that you can't actually click through them.

May or may not be the problem, but can't hurt to ask.
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Other possibility can be: there is some hiden frame for addon.. It shouldn't really happen if enableMouse is set on false but happened to me once.

When i was doing my durability addon i had this funny problem that it was working fine (was showing tooltip on mousover) everywhere but small rectangle under Minimapcluster. So i guessed there is some other frame that doesn't allow my frame to get mousover event. Took me 2h to find that actually it is one of addons (ThottBotReplace Frame in MapNotes) Funny thing is that main frame had enableMouse set as false and it still was somehow disallwoing my durability frame to get mousover event O.o..

So i would sugest disabling one addon by another and see if your blank areas are still unclicable
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An Onyxian Warder
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ok thanks for the advice, one problem in under the map to the left and it gos to the middle of my screen. So far i havent seen any default or my ui that gos there?? but im going to take your advice and go turn one off at a time and see if it is one of them..

Cairenn i thort of that but my chat boxes or on the left, this is happening in the middle or right side.
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Make a backup copy of your interface folder, and then delete it (the original interface folder, not the backup ) - if you still have the problem its definately not interface related and you might reinstall wow.
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ok i found one problem.... "TrackerAssist" leaves a big blank spot near the map,

ok i found the code in the file thats doing this.. Its for the text under the map. if anyone wants to know how to get rid if this text just go to the file and 0 out this:

<Button name="TrackerAssistTextButton">
<AbsDimension x="500" y="30"/> <<<<------<AbsDimension x="0" y="0"/>

<Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
<AbsDimension x="0" y="0"/>


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