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08-15-09, 02:29 PM   #1
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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addon to organize bags?

I use arkinventory but it only stack, don't put items of same type together... (I think)
I want to know if there is a addon that works with arkinventory and do that...

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08-15-09, 02:31 PM   #2
A Murloc Raider
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Try Bagnon, I think its the best one out there.
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08-15-09, 03:33 PM   #3
A Firelord
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Carg_Bags with 4 flavors of awesome. If you want an all in one bag, but with sorting, use Mr.Plow. At least that's what I would recommend.
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08-15-09, 03:34 PM   #4
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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about bagnon

I already used bagnon, are you sure if it have this option to organize?
this mrplow is outdated, it will work with present patch?

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I use BankStack now rather than MrPlow.
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Originally Posted by jjforums View Post
I use arkinventory but it only stack, don't put items of same type together... (I think)
I want to know if there is a addon that works with arkinventory and do that...

Well, ArkInventory's prime purpose is to allow ADVANCED sorting and categorization. You should check out the WIKI if you are interested in learning how it works, although for a lot of people it has a lot more features than you may want or need. I personally use ArkInventory and love it, but I admit I go overboard, splitting things into custom categories up the yahoo.

As seen here:

If you're looking for simplistic sorting of items such as putting all your quest items in one view, all of your potions and consumables, all of your soul-bound gear, etc.
I would suggest Combuctor, enable the different options you want in the config and click on the TABS on the side of the window to view only those items.
Couple Combuctor with kRestack and you should be all set.

I should mention, ArkInventory is NOT the type of mod meant to be used with OTHER mods of the same type, if you choose to stick with ArkInventory, use ONLY that and learn how to use it's functions, if you choose to use anything else, disable and or remove ArkInventory.

Say for instance you decide to use Combuctor and kRestack, you can use those add-on's together because they don't do the same thing, and one compliments the other, however Combuctor and ArkInvetory are BAG REPLACEMENTS and should NOT be used together.

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08-15-09, 07:00 PM   #7
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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to be honest i have always used TBag and it was even better when shefki started updating it.

works for me well enough
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08-15-09, 07:08 PM   #8
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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i use baggins with the all-in-one bag option enabled. lots of options to split things up into categories. i wrote a simple plugin to change colors of sections (since it can rearrange sections to minimize screen space) so i can easily identify interesting sections (like quest items or other things i need to use from my bags).

plus it has a nice built-in section for "new" items (those that are newly acquired since you last reset the "new" items flag) so you can quickly see the last stuff you've looted.
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08-18-09, 10:48 PM   #9
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Premium Member
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I have to agree with the use of Arkinventory. I have several rules to divide up recipes by profession and a bunch of others: ei:

Rules for Arkinventory

type( recipe ) and subtype( alchemy )
type( recipe ) and subtype( blacksmithing )
type( recipe ) and subtype( cooking )
type( recipe ) and subtype( enchanting )
type( recipe ) and subtype( first aid )
type( recipe ) and subtype( engineering )
type( recipe ) and subtype( leatherworking )
type( recipe ) and subtype( jewelcrafting )
type( recipe ) and subtype( tailoring )

type( armor ) and subtype( trinket )

type( glyph ) and subtype( Deathknight )
type( glyph ) and subtype( rouge )
type( glyph ) and subtype( mage )
type( glyph ) and subtype( druid )
type( glyph ) and subtype( shaman )
type( glyph ) and subtype( warrior )
type( glyph ) and subtype( warlock )
type( glyph ) and subtype( paladian )
type( glyph ) and subtype( priest )
type( glyph ) and subtype( hunter )
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08-19-09, 01:02 AM   #10
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I personally have used both baggins and arkinventory while arkinventory is nice and I have tried it out several times now I just keep going back to baggins, baggins offers capabilities of sorting just like arkinventory (just not as user friendly) but the other thing(s) baggins offers is the new section which is pretty nice but ultimately the one thing that brings me back is that it compresses multiple stacks of items into one icon in the bag with a number. What I mean is it compresses lets say 5 stacks of 20 saronite ore into one icon that says 100 they still take up the 5 bag slots but it makes it so my bag doesn't take up half my screen, just gives it a more compact look.
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