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Is it possible to make longer macros for use with TomTom?

I often like to do collection stuff in wow and I often use wowhead comments with largew /way lists for TomTom to help me find my way...

/way Korthia 55,3 65,4 Name of Point of Interest
a /way command like this makes a taxi arrow point to a way point with the name "Name of Point of Interest" in "Korthia" no matter what zone it is I press the macro.

Problem is that it dose not take long before you are out of Macro Space... I have been using Paste (a wow addon that allows you to paste commands in and ignore macro length) but it dose not work off a button click I cna put on my bar.

Is there any mod that allows me to make much larger macros... and if it matters.. I only want it to make longer collection macros.. I do not need to do spells or anything...

Here is an example of my paste for hunting that pink horse in Korthia...

/run local p,q,t=print,C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted,tostring p('dailyclick: '..t(q(64298)))p('d1: '..t(q(64293)))p('d2: '..t(q(64294)))p('d3: '..t(q(64295)))p('d4: '..t(q(64296)))p('d5: '..t(q(64297)))
/way 61.28 40.46 on cliff
/way #1961 29.9 55.6 on the cliff
/way #1961 35.8 46.5 on the chain
/way #1961 35.9 62.3 on the cliff, climb up by following the anima vein that starts at 40.1, 56.8
/way #1961 38.5 31.5 on the cliff shelf, jump down from the top level
/way #1961 39.7 34.8 hidden amongst the giant roots, hop down from above
/way #1961 41.1 39.8 on the middle level of the cliffside
/way #1961 41.3 27.8 looking into the Maw
/way #1961 43.2 31.3 on the cliff between Darkmaul and Malbog (climb up from either side)
/way #1961 49.3 41.8 hidden amongst the giant roots
/way #1961 50.6 22.9 on the cliff, walk down from above
/way #1961 59.8 15.1 on the cliff
/way #1961 61.3 40.4 on the cliff
/way #1961 62.4 49.7 on the edge of the cliff behind a large pale tree
This runs a command to test the state of the "hidden quest"... how many turn in are complete and if I have done a turn in today, and then places the way point.

/tar Maelie
/run local r,T,t,a=SMRI,nil,"target",{2} if not r then r=1 end if UnitExists(t)then T=t end if T then if GetRaidTargetIndex(T)==nil then SetRaidTarget(T,a[r]) PlaySound(120,"master") r=r%#a+1 end end SMRI=r
This is my target macro.. it places a Circle Mark and plays a sound.
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