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Weakaura question/help

I want to create a simple thing, an indication of being rested, a "Zzz" icon, the same that blizzard shows on your unitframe, because I'm using an addon that changes all unitframes but it doesn't show the Zzz indication, I know its easy to spot an innkeeper or rested place if you logout quickly, but I just want that luxury of seeing the ZzZ icon indication, I just like it.

Can weakaura do that? thanks.
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What addon are you using for the unit frames? Everyone I'm aware of lets you configure displaying things like that.
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I did that?
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In the addon it might be called something "Status Icon" as rested is just one state a unit can be in during play eg. dead, disconnected, rested etc.
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Lua Code:
  1. function() return IsResting() end


Lua Code:
  1. function() return not IsResting() end

Edit: I don't know if WeakAuras supports direct textures, but this is the data for the rest icon:

Texture: Interface\CharacterFrame\UI-StateIcon
Texcoords: 0, 0.5, 0, 0.421875

There's also an icon with "ZZZ", but it has a "x2" on it. WeakAuras has an icon box for this: 648642

This is what the icon looks like: https://www.wowhead.com/icon=648642

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