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12-03-13, 02:52 PM   #1
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Any new must have addons for Hunters?

Coming back to WoW after a long time away and wanted to know if there's any new must have addons since MoP has been out.
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12-03-13, 04:26 PM   #2
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I don't play a hunter anymore, but based on a quick glance at the hunter specific addon category it doesn't look like there are many actively maintained hunter addons, and none of the ones updated in the last year (there are less than 10!) appear to be very useful. Most of what I see in there appear designed for people who are too lazy to put traps/MD/etc on their action buttons themselves (or bind a key, or use OPie) and/or are too unobservant to notice when they're dazing the whole raid with AotP. I don't see anything critical, or anything that isn't better done with a more general purpose addon (especially if you play more than one class -- for example, if you want multi-target debuff timers, get one that works for all classes, like Raven or ForteXorcist, instead of getting and setting up and learning how to use a different addon for each class).

As with any type of addon, I would always suggest you start out with no addons, and then when some part of the UI starts annoying you, or you start wishing you could see some info in a different way, or you start wishing you could do something differently or customize something more, go find an addon to fix it. Blizzard does a great job of making the default UI very usable, and of adding their own implementations of popular addons (scrolling combat text, compact raid frames, boss ability warnings, etc.).
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My Hunter is the only character I play where the default UI button placement isn't adequate. I found that I wanted a 3x12 block of buttons. The default of 2x12 + 12 at the bottom (and 12x2 on the side) was uncomfortable to me. I used Dominos to configure a 3x12 at the bottom. I placed the pet bar, stance bar, and additional buttons on either side of the main block. I rearranged the pet buttons to put the ones I use close to the 3x12 block.

My son is using Dominos for all of his characters. I haven't found a need to switch on the rest of mine.

I also use Bitten's SpellFlash modules on some of the lesser played characters (I have all character modules loaded but I tend to ignore the suggestions and use my own rotation on the often played characters). I do like the flashing on the 60 minute buffs / poisons reminding me to renew them.
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12-04-13, 06:39 AM   #4
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Part of my UI tweaks are to move the right-hand buttons into the middle and make them smaller with:

-- Move the two right-side action bars to the middle, making them
-- smaller and horizontal.
for j,v in ipairs{"Left","Right"} do
for i = 1,12 do
local n="MultiBar"..v.."Button"
local b,f=_G[n..i],1==i and StanceButton6 or n..i-1
b:SetPoint("LEFT",f,"RIGHT",i==1 and 68 or 6,i==1 and (j-1)*40 or 0)

And then the pet buttons get moved as well:

-- Make the pet buttons not be overridden by the action bars
local f=PetActionButton1

You can make them into macros (which was what I originally did) instead of using an addon. Of course you might want to move them about depending on what you prefer.
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01-15-14, 09:48 PM   #5
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I've heard some pretty skilled hunters speak well of JS Hunter Bar. The version on Wow Interface doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, but there are up-to-date versions on other sites.

Personally am using Weak Auras for tracking everything on every class. You can find some good pre-made strings for each class if you poke around, as well.
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01-16-14, 04:59 AM   #6
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This is a must have if you do battlegrounds/pvp:

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