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Feature Request: Maximize / Restore Button.

The setting Hide maximized map when M or ESC is pressed doesn't make sense. A user would expect the maximized map to be hidden when the M or ESC key is pressed. What actually happens though is that the small map is also hidden when this is checked and M or ESC is pressed. Anyway after reading a thread in this forum, I unchecked it and now I can toggle between the maximized carbonite map and the small carbonite map with a key binding. However if I don't have access to my keyboard for one reason or another I can right click the carbonite minimap icon and select Show Map. This shows the maximized version of the map. When I want to go back to the small map and resume I have no choice but to click the X in the upper right hand corner of the maximized map. The result is that it hides the maximized map but also the small map as well. It would be nice if there were a box next to the X in the upper right corner that would be a toggle just like in windows or mac operating systems to maximize or restore. Thank you for your time.

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