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Quest Objectives Not Showing On Map

After upgrading to 4.1, the quest objectives are no longer showing on the maps. Before, for example, the daily cooking quest in Stormwind, [King's Cider], the apples required for the quest would appear as yellow dots, the same way that ore does for mining or plants for herbalism.

It still works for an older character, but for the newer characters it has stopped working.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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Which addon were you using for this? The default UI does not do this on its own.
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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Which addon were you using for this? The default UI does not do this on its own.
I know that some quests require a player to pick an herb or certain ore, that are not actually used for professions which normal characters can gather for the quest. And IF you happened to be that profession, the nodes would show up as an herb, ore, fish, etc; but for your problem, it seems like you might have used an addon for this and it might not be turned on for alt/new characters.

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The default UI does it. They show on the minimap, assuming you're on the same layer - so you can't find them if they're in buildings, for instance, and you're not. Somewhere in 3.x they changed it from needing the gathering profession to just showing up automatically.

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