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A Cyclonian
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Font issue with latest patch

Hello everyone!

So I'm having an issue with certain fonts.
I deleted all my addons and installed just RealUI from scratch.
Now, the font options from before are missing...
This means I can't change the font to suit my needs.
I understand the pixel stuff got removed, but I still want to use pixel fonts for certain things.
In any case, even if I let go of this idea, the way it's displaying right now is still not right. Screenshot attached.
You can see certain fonts are too small and weird. I'm guessing it's because they somehow are still using 8px size from when I had the pixel fonts in, but the current font (I'm guessing Roboto) isn't meant to be displayed that small?

I tried turning on the "High resolution" thing, but that brings two problems:
1- The UI becomes too huge to display
2- This pushes the RealUI settings window outside my monitor and I can't revert from it. To be able to do this, I had to drag the right size of the window and squish it, so the scale slider showed. I then had to scale the UI down a crazy amount, then reload my UI and THEN access the option to turn off high resolution. Argh, help...

So for reference, here's two screenshots.
This is with High Resolution off:

This is with it on, and the scale slider all the way down to 50%:

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A Cyclonian
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Ok so I deleted everything inside every SavedVariables folders, and it's now working.
Time to set up everything again, wish me luck!
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