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Pick for 9/19: Bubblicious (new)


If you have used Prat in the past you may (or may not, as there are tons of features in Prat) be aware of the module to modify the chat bubbles. This is a standalone version of that module. You may alter the font and size of the text, you can set it to display the raid icon textures, the outline of the bubble can be coloring by chat type, and you can also set it to condense long messages into one line. Don't you hate those bubbles that seem to take up your whole screen? You can still see those long messages at your choosing - mouse over the condensed bubble, and it will expand to display all of the text. One feature in particular did not make the transition from Prat to this standalone version of the module - coloring names by class. This is because the Prat core handled the querying for this. If you seem that having class-colored names in speech bubbles would be totally awesome, then you may wish to download the whole Prat package. Otherwise, having this module as standalone with its current feature set is, in itself, totally awesome.

Check it out yourself at its download page.

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HA!...Been using Prat for ages now and never knew that feature was even available. A Long time ago...In a Beta test far, far away, i hated the bubbles enough to turn them off and have done so ever since. Might have to re-check things out with this new knowledge!
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Thanks a lot! Glad you guys are liking it.
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