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Question the HUD and how to move it(or parts of it)

I run the game with my blizzard UIsize on a minimum scale as I find this to be the best way to actually see everything I need to see. So far I''ve been quite happy with that and how my NUI looks in it. however, now I have rolled a dk tank and I've noticed that the bar where my runes show up are positioned right on top of my char in such a way that it actually blocks out some of the immediate surroundings(yes I know, making a gnome tank is bound to be annoying... but the pigtails are so cute!). Is there any way to move this bar? I'd prefer it went a bit south, as there is almost 4cm of space between it and my action/presence bars, where I usually don't have to look during tanking anyway.
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You can probably use the command '/nui hud vofs {n}' to move the HUD up or down and accomplish your goal. Right now, because there's no viewport in nUI, the default is '/nui hud vofs 150' -- you might experiment with something like '/nui hud vofs 100' and go from there -- larger or smaller values as you see fit to place the HUD where you want it.

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