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A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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To Post or Not To Post

I started using an addon something like five or six years ago and shortly the author quit supporting it (I think the last update was Jan, 2008) and it has been declared out of date or abandoned and no longer maintained. I have managed to keep it going for my personal use until a few patches ago. It broke pretty hard, but I was still able to keep the basic functionality limping. However, that was troublesome. So, I have totally overhauled it, enhanced it with new functionalities and have a new name for it. One of the enhancements is totally specific to the guild my main and most alts are in. I am looking to share it primarily with fellow guildees, however it should be usable (with the exception of that one area) by any guilded player. And, so, my question is, what is the policy for uploading and publishing it here on this site?

I am deliberately not mentioning the original name or primary function at this time because I do not want that issue to muddy the question. I will say that I see a similar addon currently being published (and looking at its docs could have easily been based on the same one), but, no offense intended, and like most developers, I like mine better While I have been a programmer by profession for 30 years, it has been a Lua and WoW addon teaching tool.
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