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Laibeus Lord
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yah it's great... they should've done that in the first place
checked in the test server first time it went up, it will be a hell week or two not just for the end users (who have add-ons and a lot to boot) but devs as well... lots of changes = lots of errors.
there are add-ons that do not produce errors at all but do not work even

and to think that they are for sure under a strict timetable this time to coincide with the halloween this October 31st, so probably by the 3rd week of October they have to release patch 1.8 since October 31st falls on Monday and it'll be too late if they patch it on November 1st (when many are giving respect to their passed away relatives). Besides Halloween is October 31st not November 1st

my friends and I are looking into the changes as well, it's great, hopefully they'll make the whole UI break-down to pieces and completely convert them to Blizz_Add-Ons. imagine the possibilities...

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things to think about:

People have asked about compatibility with other mods when doing total conversions. This could indeed be an issue in the future. However if you think about it, this could just be another matter of mods being considered "Backwards compatible" versus "standalone". Just as many mods now are either standalone or require other mods to work.

In the near future I see total conversions coming out that fall into one of these two catagories. Total conversions that may or may not play nice with others, and total conversions that use the same names or hooks thereof that allow other mods to work with them no matter what.

Bear in mind not all total conversions SHOULD be backwards compatible. If you have converted a window to a totally new layout, and another mod comes along to add a button, how does that mod know the button will be in the right place? The window is pretty much all new and unexplored territory to the other addon, so placing a button on it could be bad. It could be placed over top of something it shouldn't, and as a result cause issues for whoever uses it. So in the end this could be a reason NOT to make such a conversion "backwards compatible"

The first step however is ALLOWING total conversions. It will be up to the mod community as to how well such conversions will play with other more standard addons...
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