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UI Memory and Garbage Collection issues

Ok I use Titan bar and one of the option of it allows me to view my memory usage. I know what the garbage collection is but here is my question. The titan bar also shows me when the next timed garbage collection is to occur. Mine says 0s all the time. Meaning there is no timed garbage collection. WHen I log in I start out at about 63.000Mbs in memory. As I play my memory usage goes up by 0.010 to 0.025mbs. Until it reaches the garbage collection threshold then it dumps the garbage. Everytime it dumps the garbage it raises the threshold by 2.000mps give or take. Until eventually I am using to much UI memory and I have to reboot the game. My UI script Memory is set at 100mps just so I can play for a while before having to reboot.

Can some one plz tell me if this is normal. Is there and way I can enable the timed Garbage collection. What can I do to solve this?
I have 1.25 gigs of ram. I am running the following Mods: UUI, TotemTimers, Auctioneer, WoWEcon, FlexTotems, Enhanced Flight Maps. A complete list follows, Keep in mind most of them are UUI.

Blizzard_AuctionUI: enabled
Blizzard_BattlefieldMinimap: enabled
Blizzard_BindingUI: enabled
Blizzard_CraftUI: enabled
Blizzard_InspectUI: enabled
Blizzard_MacroUI: enabled
Blizzard_RaidUI: enabled
Blizzard_TalentUI: enabled
Blizzard_TradeSkillUI: enabled
Blizzard_TrainerUI: enabled
Ace: enabled
AllInOneInventory: enabled
AlphaMap: disabled
AltSelfCast: enabled
AnkhCooldownTimer: enabled
Atlas: disabled
Auctioneer: enabled
BankStatement: enabled
BuffTimers: enabled
CallToArms: enabled
ChatScroll: enabled
ClassIcons: enabled
CleanMinimap: enabled
CombatCaller: enabled
Decursive: enabled
DiscordActionBars: enabled
DynamicData: enabled
DynamicDataItem: enabled
EnhancedFlightMap: enabled
EnhTooltip: enabled
EquipCompare: enabled
FishingBuddy: disabled
FlexBar: enabled
FlexTotem: enabled
Gatherer: enabled
GoodInspect: enabled
Gypsy_UnitBars: enabled
LAX: enabled
MissingHP: enabled
MobileFrames: enabled
MobInfo2: enabled
MoveAnything: enabled
MozzFullWorldMap: enabled
NotesUNeed: enabled
PerCharBinding: enabled
QuestLevels: enabled
QuickLoot: enabled
QuickMountEquip: disabled
RangeRecolor: enabled
ReagentData: enabled
ReagentInfo: enabled
sct: disabled
Sea: enabled
SelfElite: enabled
SimpleMail: enabled
SimpleTip: enabled
SocialSendMessage: enabled
TackleBox: disabled
Titan: enabled
TitanBG: enabled
TitanRegen: disabled
TooltipsBase: disabled
TooltipsFrameTarget: disabled
TotemTimers: disabled
UltimateUI: enabled
UUIVersion: enabled
WOWEcon_PriceMod: enabled
ZoomMap: disabled
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not sure...

I am using cosmos, about half of it only and Enhanced Flight Map, Dhask's FlightMap, Gatherer, KCIT, KCET, UBotD, MobInfo2, Titan 2.xx, SmartPet, MyTarget, FlexBar, flagRSP, CTA, CT_RaidAssist and a few others.

Add-ons that use a lot of UI Mem are add-ons that gather a lot of data like LootLink and variations. If you will use one, use KCIT instead as it is more optimized (my KCIT "lootlink" type is only using 1-2mb compared to LootLink's almost 8mb usage).

Then CT_RaidTracker will add about 5-7 mb more so I strongly suggest you don't use it unless necessary.

Overall, I'm only using 40-50mb of UI Mem sometimes it reach up to 53 and that only happens when I've been online for 9 hours straight. Sometimes it also goes down below 50mb even without restarting the game.

To add to that, I have BitComet on in the background with an average of 3 videos downloading.

Oh, profiler add-ons also take UI Mem especially CensusPlus.

Btw, WoWEcon is not accurate Try to compare the price appearing from WoWEcon to the actual AH price, there's a huge difference. I stopped using it 3 months ago after the error became that huge (and I compared it with 2 highly populated servers).

Additionally, the more addons you have enabled the more it eats up UI Mem. Try to switch to addons that offer the same functionalities as 2 to 5 addons individually are offering. That will greatly lower your UI Mem and the increments it does.
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