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Can't Switch Bars Automatically when Shifting

Title says it all. I'm going to post a copy of this in the "QUESTIONS" forum or whatever it's called, but here's the scoop.

I'm a level 30 Tauren Druid. Have all 4 forms (Bear, Cat, Travel, Aquatic). Obviously there's no need to automatically switch action bars when shifting into Travel and Aquatic form, but for the preceding two forms it's a must.

Thing is, I can't get that to happen with MazzleUI. I'm using the "Simple Druid Layout" option (I have a very set preference for my hotkeys and the Mazzle one didn't suit me), and have organized all my "Caster Form" or "Bull Form" to how I like, with the main bar containing all my combat offensive/defensive spells. But when I click "Shift+1" and "Shift+2" to switch to Bear and Cat Form, respectively, the action bar remains the same.

How do I fix this? I've been fiddling around with Bongos for around an hour and can't figure it out. Please help, your assistance will be appreciated.
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