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even it's not a discussion about interface or add-ons, i want to ask this question for the reason : i'm not participating on many forums and i hate to have registered everywhere.
So, here is my question.

i'm an ally rogue but i don't know how to lockpicking.
What i need and from where to be able to use this talent.
i found few lock boxes, but i don't knwo how to open it.
please someone wrote a quick how-to fer this.

thank you
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To get the lockpicking skill you first do a quest that you get from your rogue trainer. You will got to SI-7 in Stormwind, talk an NPC (a goblin) there who will send to Redridge. At Redridge you will talk to another NPC (a dwarf on the docks) whos gives you a follow up quest, the Lockpicking skill, and a set of Rogue's Tools. You then goto a Lumber Mill to the east of Redridge and practice your Lockpicking skill. There are 5 Practice Strongboxes that you can pick. They will quickly respawn so you can keep picking them until you get 90 skill or so. Then pick the quest Strongbox, and head back to the NPC in Redridge.
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A Cliff Giant
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thank you for your quick answer. i'll try asap
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to add to that , once you have opened the practice boxes 90 times or so to progress further atthe bottom of the lake at redridge there are further boxes to take your skill past 90.
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