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Mac OS X - Dual Monitor

Hello .. first of all thanks for the app and the effort to make it work on Mac

I have a MacBook Pro with Yosemite and I want to report a few things ..

First the application run slow and as other user have reported it crash on close

But regarding to the dual monitor there is an particular issue ..

I have the laptopt display at 3840x2400 (Retina set for space) and a external display on 1920x1080 ..

This is what you get when you open it on the laptop

The problem is when you move to the external monitor you get

Hope this help .. any other info you need let me know

Best regards
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Very interesting, I use a MBP Retina for development and have 2 screens however when at home my two screens are just 1920x1200's. I'll have to open up my retina screen and see if i can reproduce this.

Thanks for reporting this.

I'm hoping its something that is fixed in JRE8 since that looks more like a core java issue. We will be releasing a new Minion soon(tm) that upgrades it from JRE7 to 8. So far many small edge case bugs have been ironed out because of this and I've seen some nice performance boosts too.

Also on OSX if you always use the X on the upper right corner to close Minion it will close just fine. There is an issue with the hooks it uses when closing Minion using an apple method (Command-Q, right click Quit, etc). We are working on this too.

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