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Question Question: Automated Quest Hand-In

Hi folks,

This one might be a long shot.

First and foremost. Yes, I know external macros are against ToS. This post is regarding a way to do this without a macro.

I have a repeatable quest (Blue Question Mark) that I want to turn in 100s of times, and I wanted to avoid having to click on the NPC every time. So I created a macro (AHK... against ToS etc) in conjunction with an add-on called "Turn In" that will turn in a specific quest based on NPC name. This works perfect, but as mentioned it's against the ToS.

The macro sends the "Interact" key and the add-on does the rest. In a loop.

So. this brings me to my roommate, who wanted me to set this up for him also. I installed the Turn In add-on and when I went to test it out... His game seems to function differently to mine. He does not need an external macro to do the repeatable quest because his NPC Quest Window does not close on completion of the quest. The addon then just simply loops through and continues to hand in the quest without having to re-speak to the NPC and therefor negating the need for an external macro.


I speak to NPC, Hand in Repeatable Quest, NPC quest box closes, Re-Speak to NPC and go again
My roommate speaks to NPC, Hands in Repeatable quest, Returns to NPC dialogue window, Hands in Repeatable quest etc. Does not need to re-speak to NPC.

Things I have tried.
  • Changed all in game settings to the same
  • Removed all add-ons,
  • deleted WTF folder,
  • Set every in game cvar to the same (where possible),
  • Logged into his client with my account.
  • Roommate logged into my client with her account. (This reproduced the desired effect)

Any help in finding the cause/solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
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So, ruling it down to the final test.

You log into YOUR account on THEIR client and did have to re-interact with the NPC
You log into YOUR account on YOUR client and did have to re-interact with the NPC
Your roommate logged into THEIR account on YOUR client and did not need to re-interact with the NPC

Options to try:

1. Try all YOUR characters to see if there is a setting you missed
2. Try all THEIR characters to see if they all react the same

Possible reasons:
1. Something on THEIR account setup is making the difference.

Hopefully someone else can see something that might be the reason and maybe have some other ideas to test.
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