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Alert Frame / Loot Won Frame / Player Power Bar Alt

Hi there. Occasionally I try to work on a personal ui addon which consists of moving and resizing frames.

It's very basic work, but I don't require much to help me out in the day to day. That being said, sometimes, it requires more information / research into how to make something work. For example, you'll see in the picture below that I've broken the debuffs from the buffs which requires a hookscript.

What I am to accomplish is the following:

1) I want to move the Player Power Bar Alt - PlayerPowerBarAlt; however, when I attempt to do so, it no longer shows up. In the boss fight in the picture below, a bar doesn't appear for the fight when I attempt to move it with basic scripts.

2) I want to move the Alert Frame / Loot Won / bonus roll / achievements, etc frame up a bit so it doesn't cover the action bars shown below. I can't get this to cooperate with me in any way. /fstack gives me a couple names for what I might be trying to move, but all have proved unsuccessful. I've even gone as far as downloading other addons and going through the LUA to see if I can find a way to get it to cooperate and move. This in additon to checking the forums here and random searches through reddit, etc.

Image 1: This shows the ui before the fight.

Image 2: This shows where the bonus roll pops up, which seems to be a bit lower than the loot when there isn't a bonus roll available.

Image 3: This shows where the alert frames show up.

In essence, I just want to make some minor tweeks, but can't find any simple code that will work.

I look forward to any light you could shed on this issue for me. Thank you for your time and sage advice.

p.s. I couldn't get the image to pull from the gyazo links.

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For the alt power bar, see how this addon does it:

For the alert frames, there's no single standard way Blizzard does them. I suggest using LS: Toasts instead of reinventing a personal solution.

For image hosting, I suggest using https://imgur.com instead, they aren't annoying with direct links.
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