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Macro to set race/gender in Dressing Room?

Hi all --

I'm a big fan of the new toy Atomic Recalibrator, which randomizes your race/gender but seems to choose a deterministic appearance for that race/gender based on your real appearance. However, you're not allowed to use the barbershop while you have the recalibrator buff on (you are "shapeshifted"), so if I want to dial in a specific look for a given race/gender based on my look, the iteration time is insane.

I was hoping I could come up with a clever macro that'd poke DressUpFrame in the same way that this toy pokes our model, so I could quickly see how my barber shop changes will impact how I'll look if I'm recalibrated to Undead, or Draenei, etc. I've tried playing with it like this:

/script DressUpFrame.ModelScene:GetPlayerActor():SetModelByFileID(1011653)

But this is nonsense and ends up just drawing an all-white white model in the appropriate shape.

Does anyone know how to convince DressUpFrame to show a different race/gender in the viewer, but with proper textures? Again, the goal is to see my Atomically Recalibrated self. Thanks in advance.
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The old DressUpModel object used to be able to do this by calling PlayerModel:SetCustomRace(). but it's no longer in use by the current client in favor of using ModelScene/ModelSceneActor.
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