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PTR Pugging

Not sure if it's been discussed, but I'm wondering if anyone is interested in doing some raids on the PTR. I'm thinking it could be kinda fun to down a few bosses with the people whose posts I read on an almost daily basis.

/2 Melee avail for any open 25s, 10s
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11-22-09, 06:01 AM   #2
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This may actually inspire me to log on the PTR more.

The problem is coordinating when people will be on or not.

I don't even know my availability at present. I've been doing a lot of overnight shifts followed by afternoon shifts plus I've been running a high temperature for days and it's really humid where I am (*).

So I have no idea when I'll be on or not (I could be sleeping).

Maybe we could organize in a special IRC channel on freenode somewhere.

Maybe logon in there when you're in logged onto the PTR and ready to raid. Don't wanna use #wowuidev as I'ld like it to be limited only to people of wowi on the PTR.

#wowinterfacecrashtestdummies maybe ?

We would also need to organize which server to be on - there's no way of forcing the cross server PUG feature to bring up the same members every time.

(*) This is usual for me for summer in NZ. it's pretty much sleep when I can if I can irrespective of the time of day or night it is.
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