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chat tab remove/replace

I often see screenshots of people using mods and one of the things that's often stood out to me is how people don't have the tabs for the different channels across the top of their chat box window. Are these people not using different tabbed windows or is there a mod that allows them to change/remove the tabs across the top of the chat window?

I'm using Prat to do a number of things, but I don't see that function.
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It is definitely in Prat under chattabs you might need to enable the module. I use prat but to change the look of my tabs I use nibChatTabs which you can find on wowinterface. nibChatTabs also has an option to hide the chat tabs as well but I like em there only when I mouse over the frame so I don't use that feature in either addon but I know they are there in both of them.
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Ahh prat did have a disabled module for fading the tabs. I'll check out nibChatTabs too since a different style might be in order. Thanks!

If anyone else has any chat modification tips, throw them up.

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I use Fane myself, but Prat should have the option to hide the tabs until mouseover. You may even be able to use nibChatTabs or Fane alongside Prat.
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