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Minion issues on OS X

Following operating issues:

1 - When doing 'Get info' Minion shows 1.0 instead of actual version.
2 - Wrong versions shown for many add-ons
_NPCScan shown as actually
Auctioneer shown as 5.21c.5521 actually 5.21d
Broker_TradeCooldowns shown as 5.2.0-2.2.0 actually
Incorrect for the 20 add-ons it indicated needing updating. Where can Minion be getting this
information from?
3 - if a more current add-on version is installed, the Minion update indicates it will update to older version.

Following usability issues:
1 - Why don't you have a 'refresh' button to force a rescan of add-ons?
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04-26-15, 08:19 PM   #2
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#2- Minion is showing the versions available here on WoWInterface. If you would rather Minion ignore them and you just get the updates from Curse, then right-click the addon and select "Ignore".

#3- Minion should be refreshing every hour. A manual refresh button is on the to-do list.
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