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A Cyclonian
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Feature Request: Achievements with numerical values

Achievements like:


still have the numerical value set (500000/1000000) instead of 50 g 00 s 00 b. While tolerable, I prefer the g/s/b format. Can this be implemented in the future?
12-24-14, 12:25 AM   #2
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Hi WOWVern,

I don't know for the Moment if it's possible, but If it can be done it will be on later date, because Performence Issuses and bugfixing stays in first row for the Moment, and this cosmetic Issue I hope can be waited for until
Rythal has managed the Other things.

Greetings Samyonair
12-24-14, 01:28 AM   #3
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Understandable. Carbonite usually eats a lot of memory to begin with. I'm wondering if it's because of a ui incompatibility problem between the Blizz minimap and world map frames and Carb's. In which case, combining would not solve the issue. Not sure if replacing would work, either. What do you think?

That would be another thread.
12-30-14, 09:24 AM   #4
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The code in question is around Carbonite.Quest\NxQuest.lua:8777 - we would have to find those cTypes that are measured in Gold - here's a list (probably incomplete):


After finding out our criteria is measured in Gold, we'll have to alternate our formatting of the Achievement goal.

It's a nice feature, so I'll have a look into it.

Update: I tested it and it works great so far, so I have pushed it to github - expect to see it in the next version (at least for achievements).

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01-03-15, 11:28 PM   #5
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Thank you. The number system is weird for me, I'm used to how Blizzard has it set up.

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