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1x Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2851: attempt to compare number with nil

I'd been riding through Moon Guard Stronghold. Got through the damn place eventually. Upon reaching destination (Irongrove Retreat), I was still in combat. I did a /reload. My game "kind a" froze up.. I could move and shift form, but nothing else worked. I'm guessing it was some odd lagspike, which eventually gave up and made the game work again. When it did, I got the below error:

1x Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2851: attempt to compare number with nil
Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2851: in function `SortQuestDB'
Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3049: in function <Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3049>

self = <table> {
 IconTracking = <table> {
 UnpackCategory = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9882
 DailyTypes = <table> {
 IsTargeted = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9650
 Menu_OnTrack = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3130
 GetQuestReward = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3183
 DecodeComRcv = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10518
 MsgNotInDB = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:5068
 Watch = <table> {
 PartyStartSend = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10755
 SortQuests = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4155
 NullQuest = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10899
 CheckQuestSE = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3068
 GetFromPlyr = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4882
 Custom = <table> {
 TTChange = <table> {
 TooltipProcess2 = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:5177
 IdToCurQ = <table> {
 PerColors = <table> {
 GetClosestObjectivePos = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10162
 RecordQuestsLog = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3369
 ExtractTitle = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4131
 CalcCNumMax = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3959
 UnpackObjective = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9920
 ClearCaptured = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4902
 TooltipProcess = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:5153
 FindNewQuest = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4230
 UnpackNext = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9873
 ShowUIPanel = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:5679
 CapturePlyrData = <table> {
 GetObjectiveType = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9933
 PartyUpdateTimer = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10748
 MapChanged = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3871
 OnParty_members_changed = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:10614
 AlchemistsApprenticeData = <table> {
 UpdateQuestDetails = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:7832
 DailyIds = <table> {
 CalcDesc = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4094
 QLocColors = <table> {
 CalcPreviousDone = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3996
 AccessAllQuests = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3316
 IconOnMouseDown = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:7777
 UpdateGiverIconMenu = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:9545
 WatchAtLogin = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4727
 CreateLink = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4123
 LightHeadedAttach = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:5745
 RecordQuestAcceptOrFinish = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4279
 Goto = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4757
 InitQuestCharacter = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:2106
 RealQEntries = 25
 AcceptQuest = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:3163
 GetHistoryTimer = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4046
 Requirements = <table> {
 TellPartyOfChanges = <function> defined @Carbonite.Quests\NxQuest.lua:4542
 Cols = <table> {
 CreateGiverIconMenu = <function> defined @Ca
Otherwise Carbonite is working fine and have worked fine since 1pm server time (GMT +1) when I logged on.
Want to upload carbonite quest data? Then this is link you need: http://atk.github.io/Carbonite/ scroll down the page and halfway there's a button for Browse. Follow the directions to [WoW]\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables directory and select the file named Carbonite.Quests (it's the LUA file) then upload the file.
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