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Question Is Quest# started by Item# complete?

OK, I wrote a very brief yet detailed message that got eaten by the forum, so I will try the short version.

I want to know if the Quest that is started by the Item I am mousing (hovering) over has been completed or not.

This has to be possible since I can do it manually like I did when writing the detailed version of the question above.

If this message shows up in the forum, I can provide an example of what I want the macro I am looking for to do...

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A Defias Bandit
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Here is the example of what I want a macro to do when I hover over an item that begins a quest.

Assume the item is "Worldvein Intelligence Reports" (Item# 169764). (it appears as a scroll in my bags.)

I know from checking that Item# 169764 begins the quest "Worldvein Rumors", Quest# 56533.

I need to have the macro scrape the quest number from the tooltip that is displayed when I mouse over that scroll (Item# 169764) in my bags, then tell me if I have completed the quest. A True/False output is fine. Ideally, the macro would display a response such as:

"Worldvein Rumors (Quest# 56533) = True"

if I have completed it. The final part would read "False" if I have not completed the quest.

If the item does no start a quest, something similar to:

"This item does not begin a quest."

Even more useful in cases where the item is a quest objective would be a result such as:

"Worldvein Intelligence Reports" is an objective of Quest# 56533"

If there is no quest associated with the item (# 123456 for example) the response could be:

"No Quest is associated with Item# 123456."

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I'd start with GetContainerItemQuestInfo(). I don't think an equivalent function exists for arbitrary ItemIDs.
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