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Macro issues (Arms warrior)


Switched from a fury to arms and trying to make some stance dance macros.

There seems to be an issue with cool down counter and spell availability fading and "related ability proc" glow.

For example:

In Battle stance I have a macro for Colossus Smash:
#show Colossus Smash()
/cast Berserker Stance()
/cast Colossus Smash()
When I fight in Battle stance the spell cooldown is not shown, the ability proc of Sudden Death is missing, only thing witch is shown is the ability fading due to insufficient rage. How can I enhance the macro to achieve the previous?

In Berserker Stance there is a similar problem with Overpower:
#show Overpower()
/cast Battle Stance()
/cast Overpower()
As with Colossus smash, while fighting in Berserker Stance, Overpower button shows spell ability as available (ignoring cooldown and rage requirements) and when Taste for Blood procs the spell button shows no change.

How does Macaroon decide on actions that must be applied to buttons? Maybe all the checks that are done are just done for the first /cast <spellname>, which in this instance are Stance changes, that have no activation requirements and Macaroon just stops parsing the checks after that first /cast <spellname> line?

P.S Macaroon is an awesome addon, been using it since can't remember when.
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Are you using macro buttons (eg. entering your macros using the Macaroon button edit UI) or actionID buttons (eg. dragging your macros from the Blizzard macro window onto a Macaroon button)?

Whichever method you're using, try using the other one and see if that resolves the issue.
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