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Unclickable Spirit of redemption

Something I have noticed with use of the nUI 5+. You can not unclick certain abilities in your buffs lists. For me personally I can not click my self out of spirit of redemption for as a priest. I have lost about 10 flasks as this action kind of jitters the list and I unclick other things.
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Don't worry, no one can click themselves out of Spirit of Redemption; just like paladins can't click off Guardian of Ancient Kings. There are some buffs that Blizzard does not allow us to remove via right-click. I assume it is because they are considered to be so important as to not allow the potential mistake.

Try a macro:

/cancelaura Spirit of Redemption

Should do the trick!
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Yes you can, But i just click slowly and watch what I click. I have lost my share of flasks also.

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