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11-12-14, 07:31 PM   #21
A Cliff Giant
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Just to confirm that as of Draenor going live, this bug is still present.
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11-12-14, 08:05 PM   #22
RealUI Developer
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As noted by zenaku, try updating Aurora. if that doesn't work disable !Aurora_RealUI and Aurora.
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11-13-14, 12:26 PM   #23
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I've had 0 issue using quest items on WoD quests. I did not update Aurora, either.
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11-13-14, 07:45 PM   #24
The Great Equalizer
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I've narrowed it down to hooking the boss button. Whenever the quest log hooks the boss button it throws an error that requires a complete restart. That's where the issue lies.
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11-19-14, 09:28 AM   #25
A Kobold Labourer
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When i disable !Aurora_RealUI my interface goes berserk and resets many settings like auto loot, keybinds, Bartender settings, etc...

So i went to \Interface\AddOns\!Aurora_RealUI\Misc and deleted these two lines from the MiscSkins.lua:

-- Objective Tracker

I also made a full reinstall of the Aurora Addon and added Aurora Missing Textures, so the buttons are clickable again and i can't spot any difference for the skin.
Hope it helps.

Edit: It seems like this solution works only if you untick RealUI addon control for Grid. Be sure to untick from right to left. If you untick just Base it reactivates after a relog. At least for me...

Edit 2: Still occurs after changing zones but works again after /rl...

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12-03-14, 06:02 PM   #26
A Black Drake
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I've been getting this error since patch release as well, and I've been following this thread to see/help with progress. So far I've tried updating Aurora, and disabling !Aurora RealUI. Neither helps. Still get same error.
Looking back over this thread I noticed I got a different error, but it mentioned BugGrabber as well:
17x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn 'nibRealUI' tried to call the protected function 'UseQuestLogSpecialItem()'.
!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586>
[C]: in function `UseQuestLogSpecialItem'
..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_QuestObjectiveTracker.lua:198: in function <..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_QuestObjectiveTracker.lua:191>

For gits and shiggles, I disabled BugGrabber and tried again and got this error:
Date: 2014-12-03 19:01:34
ID: 1
Error occured in: AddOn: nibRealUI
Count: 1
Message: Error: AddOn nibRealUI attempted to call a forbidden function (UseQuestLogSpecialItem()) from a tainted execution path.
   [C]: UseQuestLogSpecialItem()
Something about a tainted execution path?
Hope this helps.
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12-05-14, 05:02 PM   #27
A Defias Bandit
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I've been having this problem too, with pretty much every quest that uses items from the objective tracker.

Until it gets fixed in RealUI, though, I found this addon that has been working well for me: !QuestItemButtonFix

It just replaces the quest item buttons with its own buttons, but you don't notice the difference.
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