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help exporting and altering Classic wow interface art

I was able to extract a bunch of files using the "ExportInterfaceFiles art" command with the -console feature, however, this seems to have given me ALL of the wow files and is not specific to WoW Classic.

I tried altering a couple simple files such as the in-game mouse pointer. I created the corresponding folder in my interface game folder, and dropped the updated artwork file in there. This didn't work.

I am not sure if this is because the interface files I extracted are for retail wow rather than Classic, or if I am just missing a step in order for my altered UI art to update in game. Any help on this would be highly appreciated!
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Graphics files, if you want to replace something, must be the same exact size as the file you are replacing, and they must be a .tga or.blp (Blizzard native graphic file name). AFAIK, the cursor can't be modified in any way (the cursor itself can't be, but I think that you can do other things to it {like add a "glow" to it or add a trail or something}). Oh, and the size of the graphic MUST be a power of 2 on each side (which it will be if you make it the same exact size). Oh, yeah, I forgot, you have to keep it named the same, too.
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