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Question Updating to BETA-542a4.zip Questions

Rythal, after downloading the latest BETA, do we need to remove everything Carbonite from our addons folder prior to installing the latest "CarboniteBETA-542a4.zip?" Or, can we just install "over" the current files in the Carbonite folders safely?

If we have to remove everything first then install, does your latest BETA "zip" file contain all the latest updated LUA files used in the C:>......Carbonite>Data>Guides folder; things like HerbalismTrainer.lua, AlchemyTrainer.lua, FlightMaster.lua, etc.? What other kinds of data or configuration settings might we lose, if any?

I've looked at the dates on many of those LUA files in the latest BETA zip file, and they seem to be way out of date compared to the "latest?" versions posted elsewhere in these forums. Just wondering if you have suggestions on how users are to proceed. For instance, do we need to install the latest Carbonite BETA version before installing the "GatherMate2_Data_Carbonite-r1.zip" file, or not?

I looked but couldn't find any installation instructions for updating from one BETA to another one.
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The updates are using some outdated information in regards to the guide as I'm in the middle of doing localization, so i'm only modifying and uploading the smallest amount of files I can, pushed into the old 5.4.0 release.

Once I'm done with localization, and upload that one (no eta yet... going through every single file to find every single string is taking a while), the proper guide files will be included.
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Thanks for replying. You helped me make the decision on not gambling with installing the latest BETA now. I'll wait until it's ready and maybe more info will come with it, so it will get installed properly. Thanks again.

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