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Copy blacklisted battletag.

There is a trick how to get battletag of the player with whom you played. You need to blacklist him, and then in wow you can see his btag. But i have huge problem with people whose btags use non english but lookalike letters. The easiest way is to copy btag directly from blacklist but with defaut interface i can't.
Is there any addon that can allow me to copy names from blacklist?
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06-30-17, 07:42 AM   #2
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Do you mean something like this?
/script print(GetIgnoreName(GetSelectedIgnore()));
If you are able to copy text out of the chatbox, you can use this script. Just select a player on your ignorelist and use this script.

i wrote a very short addon:

1. Select ignored player
2. Type "/igname get" or "/ign get"
3. Select the name in the EditBox and copy it with Ctrl + C

Lua Code:
  1. SLASH_IGNAME1, SLASH_IGNAME2 = '/igname', '/ign';
  2. local function handler(msg, editbox)
  3.     if msg == 'get' then
  4.         StaticPopup_Show("IGNORE_NAME")
  5.     end
  6. end
  7. SlashCmdList["IGNAME"] = handler;
  10. StaticPopupDialogs["IGNORE_NAME"] = {
  11.     text = "",
  12.     button1 = "Close",
  13.     OnShow = function (self, data)
  14.     self.editBox:SetText(GetIgnoreName(GetSelectedIgnore()))
  15.     end,
  16.     timeout = 0,
  17.     whileDead = true,
  18.     hideOnEscape = true,
  19.     preferredIndex = 3,
  20.     hasEditBox = true
  21. }

## Interface: 70200
## Title: GetIGName
## Notes: Puts the name of selected ignored player in an editbox.
## Author: Xardir-Blackmoore
## Version: v0.1


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Wow this community is amazing. Thank you!
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