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Changing buffs per row

Hi. I want to simply change amount of buffs displayed per row in default ui from 8 to 16
This can be done simply by writing BUFFS_PER_ROW = 16 saving as .lua and putting it alongside with .toc file into addons folder. I get no lua errors using this, basically I played half Legion with this simple "addon".
However I feel this is not right way of changing buffs per row because it's a default global variable
And using Bugsack/buggrabber addon I can see that sometimes my "addon" action is blocked while it attempts to call secure function: ArenaEnemyFrames:ClearAllPoints()

There's also code in this little addon provided by Resike in this thread
If I comment "BUFFS_PER_ROW=16" it seems it working without tainting anything
Lua Code:
  1. BUFFS_PER_ROW = 16
  2.     -- Player buffs
  3.     local b = _G.BuffFrame
  4.     b:SetMovable(true)
  5.     b:SetUserPlaced(true)
  6.     b:ClearAllPoints()
  7.     b:SetPoint("TopRight", UIParent, "TopRight", - 200, - 20)
  8.     b:SetMovable(false)
  10.     local moving
  11.     hooksecurefunc(BuffFrame, "SetPoint", function(self)
  12.         if moving then
  13.             return
  14.         end
  15.         moving = true
  16.         self:SetMovable(true)
  17.         self:SetUserPlaced(true)
  18.         self:ClearAllPoints()
  19.         self:SetPoint("TopRight", UIParent, "TopRight", - 200, - 20)
  20.         self:SetMovable(false)
  21.         moving = nil
  22.     end)
  25.     -- Player debuffs
  26.     if DebuffButton_UpdateAnchors then
  27.         hooksecurefunc("DebuffButton_UpdateAnchors", function()
  28.             local d = _G.DebuffButton1
  29.             if d then
  30.                 d:SetMovable(true)
  31.                 d:SetUserPlaced(true)
  32.                 d:ClearAllPoints()
  33.                 d:SetPoint("TopRight", BuffFrame, "TopRight", 0, - 120)
  34.                 d:SetMovable(false)
  35.             end
  36.         end)
  37.     end

Unfortunately there seems to be no addons which allow to modify default buff frames. So is there a way to make changes to it without taint?
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