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Smile Rythal Fan Update

Right i know this may offend people but hey i dont bloody care. I gave a donation to aid updateing carbonite an i know alot of others did an still no update, then our saviour Rythal does a fix an its ace (big thanks), then the developers come along an update it a little too late in my opinion. An its more broke than Rythal's version. Dont get me wrong i know that they have real lifes and dont play wow anymore, but if thats the case, fine respect to you but lets get 1 thing clear.

Rythal has done a massive amount of work an even added the mop maps which the current official version does not have not to metion the error the official version still has.

If its so much trouble then pass the mantle to Rythal we can all chip in where we can an support this guy in moveing the addon forward.

I respect you devs for building this addon and none should say different but let you legacy be an addon that will last until the end of wow, dont keep hold of it for the sake of it when you cant offer it the proper support going forward.

An lets face it do you want to be know as that guy who had the god addon an screwed it over or the guy who build the best addon wow every knew and when the time came pass this to the community to continue you legacy?

Its like running a guild you can have the best guild on the realm but when u leave wow you shoul dhad it over so another can continue your legacy an u can take pride in watching what u started continue to grow, or you can be like that dick that started it an wont let go an whne they leave the are happy to watch the guild die rather than had it over like a child with a toy.

What do you think those guys are remembered for? setting up the guild or the guy who destroyed the guild?

People always remeber the worst not the best points,.

In the end please if you take nothing away from this guys, at least treat Rythal with the respect he is owed, the guy risked you takeing copyright action against him for nothing less than supporting the wow community when you were abscent.

Hell the guy even directed any donations be made to yourselfs an not him.

Grow a pair an allow him to continue you legacy rather than been that person who refuses to let go.

(sorry for any spelling mistakes i was ranting when i wrote this)
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I agree. All this addon is a way to get money.

That is what it started out as. When blizzard said they can't charge for it they quit with developing it.

All that we get is a bandaid and not a good one at that.

Rythal came along and said I love this add on let me fix what is borken seeing the devs hadn't posted anything. May 6th was the last post prior to I'm going to update this past weekend.

When they did post a fix they threw out Rythal's fixes and broke it once again. And now we don't see anything from the Developer but this is my addon on and I'll do what I wish when I wish.

So now we wait for Rythal to make his own. And we all know he will take care of it. Why do we know that He plays the game.

I have nothing against making donations to the devs. But when they want to act the way these guys do I say they don't deserve anything.

Yeah Carbonite is dead and has been for a while. And if you look at the devs comments you should agree with this.

I can't wait to see what Rythal comes up with. I would love to have something in the flavor of this again.
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Don't fret guys, Rythal is working on his own addon now. Instead a possible partnership or team effort in which Rythal could help and do what he does best, they decide to fix it themselves and as we can see it's not fixed. The best part was that we had a direct line to the guy who could fix the addon and he was prompt in getting back to us and acknowledging our concerns.

I don't think the witch hunt everyone has gone on for the developer was necessary but I do think the developer could have shown more appreciation as to what Rythal did for the addon and the community.

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