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Clicking Button Macro/Script

I am trying to automatically assign points to a specific stat when leveling on a private server. (they give you stat points to distribute to str/stam/ag/int/spirit as you wish)

They have a lot of spaghetti code in their modification so I am linking the useful parts. They have 10 buttons/frames that assign either more or less of a stat, Inc_Str and Dec_Str for example increases or decreases strength.

local l=CreateFrame(\"Button\",\"Inc_Str\",t,nil)l:SetSize(23,23)l:SetPoint(\"CENTER\",60,-2)l:EnableMouse(true)l:SetNormalTexture(\"Interface/BUTTONS/UI-SpellbookIcon-NextPage-Up\")


/script StatFrame:Show() opens the window where you can allocate points to stats
/script Inc_Str:Hide() will hide the button I'm attempting to click
/click StatFrame_CloseButton closes the window

However every attempt I have made with /click Inc_Str or /script Inc_Str:Click() has failed and it is driving me insane!!!!!
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Discussion of Private Servers, in any manner other than theoretical, is completely against our rules. We are an Official Fan Site. We follow Blizzard's rules, on top of our own rules.

Threads requesting assistance with Private Servers get locked. Repeated postings get you banned.
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