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Druid problem/bug

Okay so I started using macaroon a few weeks ago and I love it, always used to run out of buttons with the others, anyway, recently I created a druid alt and I'm using macaroon on him, but I'm having some problems with it.

So, I created a bar with "use preset bar states" enabled, with stance selected, so that it would change when I go to cat form and so on, anyway, they are mapped to numbers 1-8, on 1 I have wrath for caster form, and on the cat form its claw.

It all changes perfectly when I change forms, but there's a problem. If I enter combat while in caster form, then change to cat form, the bar changes to the cat form bar, BUT if I press 1 while on cat form to use claw, it uses wrath and because of that he goes to caster form to cast wrath.

Basically, If I enter combat in cat form the keybindings work perfectly and I use the cat form skills, but if I enter combat in caster form and then change to cat form the keybindings are still for the caster form bar instead for the cat form bar. I imagine the other forms have the same problem but I didn't test it.

Is there any way to fix it? Other than using just a normal bar (without states) and making macros with stance conditions, because that is too inconvenient to change the layout later on if I want to move just one skill from one form to another button.

edit: If I click the buttons with the mouse it uses the cat form stance buttons, but using the hotkeys it uses the caster form skills, again this is only if I enter combat while in caster form and then change to cat.

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I tested this with my druid and could not duplicate.

However, have you tried setting the form bars buttons bindings to priority?
So any action in any form has priority to the caster bindings.
This should work since it would ignore the forms abilities as it can not perform them and instead perform the caster ability if in casterform but otherwise use the forms ability.
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