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[SOLVED] - Macaroon and /Click ?

Hi there...

I am looking at moving to macaroon as I am a bit of a macro hog and want to break the 18 unique macros for each toon...

I have been using the /click command a lot in my macros....

I use this macro to get the button names from the original raid frames and it also works on dominos...

/run print(GetMouseFocus():GetName())

It prints into chat something like ActionButton1 or DominosActionButton49 or w/e

Then I can make a macro with /click ActionButton1 in it to run a macro form a button.

The thing is the code I have didn't return the macaroon buttons but the bar itself.... that code if I run it over any of the buttons i have made on a single macaroon bar returns "MacaroonBar1"

What I like to do is have my cooldowns on buttons in there own macros, that I can call.. this stops me form having complex looking macros as well as making them easy to edit and create.. for example...

#showtooltip Aura Mastery
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
/use Aura Mastery
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")

#showtooltip Divine Protection
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
/use Divine Protection
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")

#showtooltip Divine Favor
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","0")
/use Divine Favor
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX","1")

etc etc etc.... So i can add say Gift of the Nauru to ANY spell by simply adding /click DominosActionButton49 to any spell....


Q: - Is there a way to get the /click macro function working in Macaroon?
Q: - If not is the 255 chart limit still around.. as a poor solution I could make the macros encompass everything instead of sperating them liek this

Thank in advance

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Found some new code that dose print out in chat correctly for macaroon, dominos and default action bars....

/run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end
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GReat that you solved it, now just putting it out there: Macros i Macaroon! can be 1024 characters long.
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