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How to make flyouts

For starters
Has most of the details worked out.
However there is one small error in the description for companions and that is that a key has to be "mount" or "critter", this was the case but later on Maul changed it to needing to be "#mount" or "#critter".

item:consumable/bufffood/buff food/water seem to have no effect, what am I doing wrong?

you can use item or item+
The latter might take a hint more cpu as it searches through the tooltip but that's what I use anyways.

The correct key while using item (or i) is the name of the food you want in the list, . However, if you use the tooltip search, item+ (or i+) you can sum up all buff foods by using the key: "well fed"
If there is any buff foods that do not get you well fed (that doesn't have those two words in it's tooltip) you can either add those as another key separating by comma or find some other phrase or word that they both have in common instead of the "well fed"-key.

if you don't like the UI for creating flyouts you can just type the code in as a macro instead. Like this:

/flyout item+:well fed:linear:bottom:top:5:c:hide

or to make it easier, shorten it up to:

/flyout i+:well fed:l:b:t:5:c:hide

I'm not sure you can shorten down the hide option but if so then go ahead.

Now this is how it should look:

1. Mounts:
/flyout c:#mount:l:b:t:1:m:hide
2. Pets:
/flyout c:#critter:l:b:t:1:m:hide
3. Professions:
/flyout s:~enchant,~prospect,~jewelcrafting,~archaeology,~survey,~fishing,~basic campfire,~cooking,~first aid:l:b:t:1:m:hide
4. Buff Food:
/flyout i:~severed sagefish head,~baked rockfish,~beer-basted crocolisk,~lavascale minestrone:l:b:t:1:m:hide
5. Potions:
/flyout i:~potion,~elixir,~flask:l:b:t:1:m:hide

Remember, when you want more than one specific item/spell use ~ on every key. even the first one or that will be the only one showing if any at all.

Also I'm not confident this will work BUT... If you want say a spell and an item popupbar say for Hearthstone and for Mage teleports.
I think this should work:

/flyout i,s:~teleport,~hearthstone:l:c:c:8:m:hide

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