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Alt-Tracking addons - Altoholic? Bagsync? Comments?

I've been using Altoholic pretty much since I started playing WoW - it was the second one I had, after I was badgered into downloading QuestHelper (all hail QuestHelper, never recovered from Cata...)

Since patch 5, Altoholic has been throwing me errors right, left, sideways, and upside down, combined with lost functionality wrt professions, among other things. qq

I came across a reference to Bagsync, and it looks like it does similar things, as completely... but among the things it says on the front page of the addon is that it can't track across accounts, that it's not possible. Which is interesting, because Altoholic claims to... I haven't created another account to test this, but I see no reason to doubt it, as the ability woudln't be listed in the dropdown otherwise.

Does anyone have any experience with them, and could possibly let me know what the similarities and differences are? I don't want to lose functionality, but I'd also like to lose the errors...

Thank you. If this comment is in the wrong place, mods, please feel free to move it and let me know so I can follow.
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