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Macro Toolkit Documentation

I've been looking for documentation on some of the more interesting features of the Macro Toolkit addon - specifically the*'Conditional Execution'... The addon developer never provided information on the feature or how to use it...

Do anyone here know of any sources of in-depth Macro Toolkit documentation and/or guides?
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According to this (https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/macro-toolkit) it just helps you build conditional macros. https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mak...cro_conditions No? What do you actually get when you select that option?
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It doesn't do anything, probably an unfinished feature.

`/mtc <something>` checks that <something> is not a secure command and then tries to execute it.
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Thank you both for getting back to me on this... It's been bugging me for what feels like forever and would explain why I haven't been able to find any documentation...
Your answers prompts me to pose another question - maybe you can help me answer that too?

What does 'Conditional Execution' do?
What does it do when used? Does it enhance or extend of the default conditional modifiers available similarly to that of M6?
And while I can't see the logic, maybe it serves to allow for 'nesting' or chaining.... somehow?

If at all possible it would be really helpful to see a basic example macro to better illustrate it's involvement and potential uses...
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