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Weird pop-in issue

Hi, everyone. I just started playing WoW again after having taken a long break lasting from the end of WotLK until last Tuesday. I've been tinkering with all of my addons; updating old ones and replacing obsolete ones and rescaling everything for my new monitor, and I'm running into a big issue.

A lot of frames will sometimes appear blank or untextured and then just pop-in whatever should occupy them after they're left open for a bit. For instance, when I open the world map sometimes I can see the player arrow, I can see some text, I can see the border of the world map, but the actual content of the map takes 3-4 seconds to pop-in. When I open the quest log, talent frame, or when I talk to a questgiver the frame will sometimes appear untextured for a while and then the texture pops in. Bugsack isn't reporting any errors when this happens.

See the attached screenshot for an example.

I switched to a different character and disabled all addons and couldn't replicate the issue on that character, so I'm thinking it has to be addon related.

I've tried disabling Deadly Boss Mods, Tomtom, Satrina's Buff Frames, Tiptac, Prat, Parrot, and all of the Atlas modules so far and no dice. Waiting for the servers to come back up to continue my trial and error. Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem to help narrow things down?

If necessary I can list off all the addons I'm running.

Edit: Just had this happen with all addons disabled.

Edit 2: More screenshots added
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Easy way to get a list of your addons:

1. Browse to your addons folder.
2. Hold shift and right-click inside the explorer window, but not on a folder.
3. Select "Open command window here".
4. In the command window that pops up, type @dir /on /ad /b > addonlist.txt and press Enter.
5. Close the command window.
6. Now open the "addonlist.txt" file that appears in your addons folder, and copy its contents.

Faster way to track down which addon is causing a problem:

1. Enable half of your addons, disable the other half, and log in.
3. If the problem does not occur, log out, disable all enabled addons, and enable the other half.
4. If the problem does occur, log out, disable half of the enabled addons, and log in.
5. Repeat until you have narrowed it down to 1 addon that causes the problem.
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