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Richwarf/Noxshams guide to playing WoW

Hello and welcome to my guide on using a N52te within WoW and Nui.

This topic is still being worked on, so please bear with me.

This guide is made up of (( )) posts, with the following,

Post 1 (this one)
Welcome and index to the other parts of this guide

Post 2 – About me
About Richwarf
How I made my toons names
Other websites I a fan of

Post 3 – Setting up
Editing Nui into 3 rows of 4 (thanks Rossman)
Setting up your N52te
Links to where you can buy your N52TE
Pros and cons of using a gamepad vs keyboard

Post 4 – Key bindings
Key things to keep in mind for easy key bindings
Key bindings for Noxsham and why I have what where it is

Post 5 - Macros
Tips for making your own macros
Macros used by Noxsham

Post 6 – Addons *Update comming soon ~ end of october, This update will have each addon linked to wowi, curse and the addon makers website (if knowen)
What addons you CANT use with Nui
How I keep all my addons up to date
Addons I have used with Nui and why

Post 7 - Tips on Healing

Post 8 - Tips on DPS

Post 9 - Tips on Tanking
Help needed I am NOT a tank

Post 10 – Saved
Post 11 – Saved
Post 12 – Saved
Post 13 – Saved
Post 14 – Saved
Post 15 – Saved

Todo list
Do a update on the addon list (i added some and removed others) and Clean up the addon post (6)
Add more tips to all rolls of specs (7, 8 and 9)

Update (mm-dd-yyyy)
Pre 08-18-2009, Post saving, posting and editing
08-25-2009, Small edits like clickable links (mostly in this post). Try it :P
09-04-2009, 2 changes made...
1)Redid macros so it looks better, just click on the macro to see more info about that macro, powered by
2)Small update for addons used. a better and more detailed update is comming soon. (links to wowI, curse and mods site)
10-20-2009, Added note that addons will be updated soon,
10-29-2009, This guide is planed to be redone big time, please pop over to This Topic
01-10-2010, Updated the file in post 3 as some changes was made to that file

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Post 2 – About me
About Richwarf

My real name is Richard, I have only relly played 2 online games long term, the frist one is Ulitma Online, I played on the Europa server. I was not very creative with my toons names as they was Richard then a romen number on the end, my active toons become just by random was...

Richard who become my mule (who did all my crafting work, and repairs)
Richard V who become my warrior
Richard VII who become my mage (64 spells some good some bad)

Then after the guild moved to World of Warcraft, I was playing both games for some time, after a bit I won a sash that sold for 100 million gold (about 10K in wow terms) which if I sold for real cash I was able to get about 100 at the time (yes you was able to sell items and gold for real cash and you wold not break any game rules, one of a very few games which you can do this in)

After a bit a made my last toon in UO, It was Richwarf, He become my PvP (player vs player) or as it was know in UO item vs item, since there was no item like in WoW, You made a item with runic kits which was a pain in there own right to get to get random stats on that item you crafted, the only thing you was able to control was what type of item it was, and how powerful the stats was. So you may of got a item which was no use to any one, or you may of got an item worth more that what you made in a year. Yes if you got lucky you was able to make some sick gold (and cash).

Anyways, As you can guess my 2nd game I have played long term is WoW, as of Sunday 16th august, I have played 4,677 hours (I know this as I always keep a program called Xfire running, for more info please see the last part of this post).

My 1st toon in WoW was Richardv a human warrior since the time I started playing the game Richardv was my main toon in UO, and was the toon I was know most by in the guild. So it made sensce to make a toon by that name, this days Richardv can be found in IF selling glyphs on the auction house.

My 2nd toon I made after finding out playing a warrior was much harder that in UO was Richwarf, The Dwarf hunter, Richwarf was my main toon, I only stopped playing him as a main when Wrath of the Lick king come out. The main reason why I stopped was the lag hell it was trying to level when there was lots of people about trying to do the same quest and just ninjaing all the mobs..

So my 3rd was Auction, a gnome warlock, she does all my auction house work but glyphs, saves me messing about with bags :P

My 4th toon was Noxsham. My resto shaman, she is now my main ever since LK come out (see Richwarf above). She is my only level 80 at the time of making this guide. She did start life off as a male but bizz give her the cut and well, I never made a page about it since I was thinking about paying to get him the cut, go and make your self a male draenei and a female draenei, just cast healing wave and look at what they do, I sure you will argee that she looks better casting that the man :P

My 5th and last toon is Noxie, She is going to be a tankadin and healadin at level 80, how many times have you been looking for a tank or heal? DPS you can find quite fast, but finding a good healer or tank is a nightmare at times. But she is only level 43 at this time. I am getting there but I have no real rush at this time

How I made my toons names

Richardv was my main in ultima online when I started playing WoW, so he a no brainer :P

Richwarf got his frist part of his name from my name (rich) and warf from dwarf, since richdwarf looked silly, so I just dropped the D which give Richwarf.

Auction, well that a no brainner as well, when I made that toon I know she was going to be my auction house alt, but what makes her diffent from other auction house alt is she level 35, this is so she was able to disenchant anything intill LK come out by being at 275, now after LK she needs to get her skill to 350 ish, but that means leveling her again and I cant be bothered, Noxie will be max enchanting, so I will just use her that items auction cant do :P You can call her the new Richard (from UO lol)

Noxsham come about from one of the spells I was casting a lot in UI on RichardVII (the mage), that spell was Poison, and the power word for poison was Nox, really go look it up HERE. Anyways, I was thinking about a good name for both WoW and UO when I was playing both games still, (yes Noxsham was played when I was playing both games but only when I got burn out on the hunter) So Noxsham come to mind and it sounded good :P So Noxsham was born (as it speak)

Noxie well that just one of the other names that come to mind, but it did not sound as good for a shamie, so I name saved it for a later date, So it does read Poisonie. So now you know :P

Other websites I a fan of
I a user of a number of websites, most websites I am know under Richwarf or rwrj88 (school user name lol). So here the links to the websites I am a active member on, for if you care :P

Video Sites

Guild Website

I am on other websites as well but most of them are just name holders so people don't 'steal' my name.

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B]Post 3 Setting up[/b]
Editing Nui into 3 rows of 4 (thanks Rossman)

Originally Posted by rossman View Post
I use the n52te with a custom button config for the top 3 bars. I tried the other addons but in the end I like this the best and it is one less addon needed. Until Spiel creates the nui custom button bars you can only have 12 buttons per bar or it doesnt work well.
*note this message was cut short to save space, feel free to go and read his post in full*

I have attached the edited file to help you save editing the code yourself, but you can DIY it if you like

Thanks again rossman for showing me how to edit the bars this way

just download this file of lua and place it in your /wow/interface/addons/nui/Layouts/Default and delete the old nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua and save the downloaded one in that place.

Setting up your N52te

Now it time to program your N52te, You can do it how ever you like, but this is what works best for me.

I set the main keys from one (top left) to 14 (bottem right next to the scroll) as ...
shift, 1, 2, 3, -, Ctrl, 4, 5, 6, =, Alt, 7, 8, 9
I set the scroll to have up as Tab, Press as space and down as `,
Then the small round button above the Dpad as esc
I leave the Dpad as it come, so i am able to move my toon ingame vai the arrow keys.
And last but not least is the 15th number button under the Dpad as 0.

This may look silly but here some pics to help you under stand what each button does.

This is what it looks like (again with more overlay) of what it looks like

Before you ask why i have my 0 under the Dpad is i use this key as a panic button, so i have my arrrrgh macro on it.

Links to where you can buy your N52TE

Go to to find out where you can buy your N52TE.

Pros and cons of using a gamepad vs keyboard
Less need to move your hand, so you dont press the wrong key or spell.
Made to play on for hours
Programable keys (yes you can have a jump, spin and shoot key)
Fits your hand better

1 more thing for your desk and get used to.
Cost money to buy one

Both pro and con
Less keys (less licky to press the wrong one but also only able to have a set number of keys)
Attached Files
File Type: lua nUI_Layout_Default_Dashboard.lua (16.5 KB, 1574 views)

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Post 4 – Key bindings
Key things to keep in mind for easy key bindings

Use kiss, Keep It Simple Silly.
Why make it hard for yourself to use the spells you need to when you need to?
Sure you have just set your N52TE up so you have (7 sets of 12) 84 key bindings just on the n52te, do you need to use them all? no.

What I do is I have the same spells on the same buttons across my toons when I can, So when I scroll my mouse up I cast a small heal, and down is a big heal, cure on MB 4 and a arrrrgh on 0 (under the Dpad).

If you do something like this, then you can learn you spells a lot faster.

If you spam a spell all the time add it to a easy to hit key, again why do something the hard way?

Don't look at your keyboard/gamepad if you are looking at your hands when you are playing you are not looking out for fire/voidzone, this may be a hard thing for you to break, so get something like a towel and cover your hands. Think of it this way, do you look at your hands when your driving on the roads? I hope not, so why do it when you are using a computer?

Sure you may need to from time to time to find a key you dont use that offent, but if you are playing WoW with keybindings you shold know where your keys are WITHOUT looking.

If you can think of any more tips please send me a PM and I will be happy to add them (giving you the credit)

Key bindings for Noxsham and why I have what where it is

I have learn all my spells to what button they are on, you dont need to bealbe to learn them all I a week, but start off with what you spam all the time

I will note them down as you look at the N52TE, see the post above if you dont under stand what key is where

I will be using the following codes...
1 to 0 and – and = is the keys
MB 4 = mouse button 4 (on the side top)
MB 5 = mouse button 5 (on the side bottom)
MS up = scroll up
MS down = scroll down 

the scroll on the N52TE is...
Up is tab
Press is space
down is ` (used for smart buff trigger see addons).
NO other key bindings are used but this on that scroll.

}text{ = it's a macro button :) see macro post (next one down)
[test] = different for ele spec
Normal (no key bindings)
1 Lesser Healing Wave }power heal{
2 Healing Wave }power heal{
3 Chain Heal }power heal{
- }chain lightning and lightning bolt{
4 Riptide }power heal{ [Ele master]
5 }Earth shield{ [thunderstorm]
6 Flame Shock
= Lava Burst
7 }Hex{
8 Lightning Bolt
9 Chain Lightning
0 }arrrrgh{
MB 4 = }Cure and purge{
MB 5 = }Chain Heal{
MS up = }Lesser healing wave{
MS down = }Healing wave{

1 Mana Tide Totem [ITEM crazy alch pot]
2 ITEM Crazy Alch Pot
3 Hero/bloodlust
- }Wind Shock{
4 Earth Shock
5 Flame Shock
6 Frost Shock
= PvP Trink
7 ADDON Smart mount 1
8 ADDON Smart mount 2
9 ADDON Smart mount 3
0 weapon
MB 4 = }}Call of A{{
MB 5 = Res
MS up = }}Call of E{{
MS down = }}Call of S{{

Crtl (totem zone, in rows of type of totem)
1 Stone Skin
2 Searing
3 Windfury
- Mana Spring
4 Tremor / Claw (claw for when I board and power leveling guidies)
5 Nove
6 Grounding
= Cleaning
7 Earth Bind
8 Magma
9 Wrath of air
0 Totem recall
MB 4 =
MB 5 =
MS up =
MS down =
no you are not missing totem of wrath, I did not spec into it.

Totem Sets
Call of A is Earth Bind Totem, Fire Nova Totem, Cleansing Totem and Grounding totem, I use this one for PvPing in melee range, Earth bind to root the player to the ground for the fire nova totem to go off for some damage, and I running back to range to drop my next Set

Call of E which is Tremor Totem, Searing Totem, Healing Totem and Grounding Totem, This is my PvP range drop, searing to help attack them, grounding to stop DK pulling and and healing totem to keep me and my party alive.

And my PvE set,
Call of S which is Stoneskin totem, Flametonge totem, mana spring totem and Warth of air. If there is a pally in the group I ask them to king use and NOT wisdom us, this makes the group much better, So if needed I will change the totems for this set only for the raid, but I always come back to this set for PvE and raiding.

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Post 5 Macros

This is the post for macros, macros and more macros.

Tips for making your own macros

You can find a lot of useful macros at
Sure it a wiki site, but there is a lot of useful macros and help to be found on it, You can find macros for your class and other things, It will even help you make your own macro, But you can always do what I done and know that other class may have already made a macro for there own use.

Testing a website works
A nice easy website you can use to test a macro works, or get more info on what a macro does is this website IF you like more info just click the macro name and it will take you to macro explain.

Macros used by Noxsham

I now going to go on and tell you about the macros I use on Noxsham, who my Resto Shamie mainly, you may find some of my macros usefull for your own resto spec, But DPSers dont worry I have a few macros for you as well. Resto may be my main spec but it only my only spec, my off spec on Noxsham is ele, So lets get on with it

Macros I will be covering are...
Power Heal(never fail to cast a healing spell again from no target)
Power attack (never fail to cast a harmful spell again from no target)
Multi spells on one button
Helpful and harmful on one button
Cast and set focus
So lets get started.

Power Heal (never fail to cast a healing spell again from no target)
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=target,help,nodead] [target=targettarget,help,nodead] [target=player] Lesser Healing Wave
This is one of my healing spells, just change Lesser Healing Wave to what ever healing spell you have, make one for each of your spells and replace your healing spells with this macro.

Power attack (never fail to cast a harmful spell again from no target)
Save as the power heal but for attacking things, so you get.
#showtooltip Lava Burst
/cast [target=target,harm,exists] [target=mouseover,harm,exists] [target=targettarget,harm,nodead] [target= ] lava burst
Multi spells on one button
This is great for if you always cast the same things in the same order, so lets say chain lightning followed by lightning bolt intill chain lightning off CD.

/castsequence [target=target,harm,exists] [target=targettarget,harm,nodead] [target= ] reset=4  Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt
Helpful and harmful on one button
This is one of my greatest macros I have ever made for myself, what it does is if I target a harmful target it will purge them (take buffs off them) then if I got a helpful target moused over it will cure them.
#showtooltip reincarnation
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists] Purge
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=target,help,nodead] [target=targettarget,help,nodead] [target=player,help] Cleanse Spirit
You may of noted at the start I have it set to show reincarnation, this is so I am able to see how long I got left intill I can self res again, semi useful.

First it will purge my moused over target, I did not add anymore that just moused over in case I need to cure myself or team mate. At the end of the day you can change it as you see fit, it your game. This is HOW I play. In my eyes if I dont purge some one attacking me but I cure myself which stops me getting killed, that much better that purging them.

Then it will move onto curing myself.

I will be redoing this macro soon so I can use it for BOTH ele and resto, so in resto it uses cleanse spirit and in ele it uses cure toxin.
But you can just make the macro two times, and just use different macros for each spec :P

This is the panic button, it only goes on one place for me, and that my 0 key (rember it under the Dpad). So lets look at it now.
/s O **** i'm PeevPeeing
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Tidal Force
/use 13
/use 14
/stopmacro [nocombat] This will stop the macro unless it in combat.
/use 13 (or 14) this will use your trinket in the top slot (bottem for 14)

You will need to hit this macro 2 times cos of GCD, But it will save some one life, I dont have any useable trinks in PvP, but in PvP I have my PvP trink on, so it will proc that and free me to save a team mate.

And the last macro is setting a focus and casting a spell on the focus in one button
Cast and set focus
/cast [nobutton:2, target=focus,help,nodead]  [nobutton:2, target=player] Earth Shield
/focus [button:2]
Left click or press the keybinding for this button to cast earth shild on your focus if you have one, other wize it will be casted on your self
Right click will set your focus, if you dont have a target you will clear your target.

So that it for my macros.

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Post 6 – Addons
Most links will be from there home site (if knowen) or Curse (since i use Curse updater)

What addons you CANT use with Nui
Any addon that trys to redo waht Nui already done like,
Pitbull (3 or 4), trys to play with the health bars, breaks nUI
Bar mods, trys to play with the bars, breaks nUI
Move Anything, already built into nUI, why do you need it?
((more to come, PM me if you can think of any))

How I keep all my addons up to date
I keep all my addons uptodate by scribing to there sites if they have there own, adding them to my favites so the addon site lets me know by mail when there a update.
But the best way was to use wowmatix intill it was killed off, now the best way (intill the wowinterface updater comes out) is vai the curse update.

But i know i will be moving over to the WoWI one when it comes out, even more when you cna update curse mods off it as well .

Addons I have used with Nui and why
Addons for overall

Autobar, I hate loosing things or having keybindings on flasks, if you do you waste them if you hit the wrong key...

Bagnon, I hate having 5 bags, this makes it a lot easyer for me :P

Fubar, Lots of plugins, if you can think of it, it been made for fubar (or Brocker)

-Broker2Fubar, you can look for fu or Broker plugins :P

Carbonite, great addon, questhelper, tomquest and more all in one addon
URL comming later

Clique I only use this to make sure my MB4 and MB5 work as they shold over a target.

Outfitter, With this addon i never think about what set of gear i'm in , PvP, Resto and Ele all taken care of :P

SmartMount, Random mounts from ANY you know :P

Smartbuff, always keep youself and team mates buffed

Talented, save preset tanents, Sure you can have two, but sometimes you need more. (PvE and PvP Resto, PvE and PvP Ele, dont get me started on druids...)

Xloot Keep track of who is looking what, it nice and small so if some one loots you can still see what going on about you.
You can also get the other Xloot plugins for it, there usful at times.

Addons for raiding.

Big Brother, Make sure only the tank is breaking CC, not that it relly needed in this day of raiding, Also usful for finding people who dont use the food or flask.

Deadly Boss Mods aka DBM, A raiders must, Also useful for other parts of the game such as 5 mans and PvPing in BG's
-DBM-TBC, Usful for if you plan on going to have some fun in TBC raids

Grid, Not just for healers, you can also use this as a DPSer to help cure people, or jsut keep an eye on your raid.

Mil Scrolling Battle Text, Much better that the bizzard one, you can set it up so incomming heals and attacks are on one side and out going on the other

Omen, Sure arrgo does not matter so much anymore, but you can still over do it and get yourself killed by arrgo...

Ora2, One of the few addons a raider must have, some guilds will NOT let you come unless you got this and DBM

Addons for Getting better
Atlas, Never get lost in the old world runs again, intill bizzard adds the maps in for the old worlds that is :P
URL comming later

Atlasloot Enhanced, WoW head is better, but useful for look ahead for a set boss to see if there anything that may be good for you.

DrDamage, Dont let it name fool you, it also works out healing spells :P. This works out the range that you will relly hit somthing for. Great addon :P

Pawn,Work out vai weights if an item is a upgrade or not, but dont take what it says as a rule, only as a guide. Dont forget to make your own (or copy WoWhead weights),

Rating Buster, See what you gain and loose at the bottem of the item, this realy needs to be added by bizzard if you ask me.

Addons for PvPing, BG's, WG or Arena
I not going to relink items from above, I'm just list them now for you :P
DBM, Mil Scrolling Battle Text,Outfitter, Smartbuff, Talented, Grid

Gladius, Know who you are up agiest in the arena.

Addons for Crafting and Selling

[b]Ackis Recipe List/b], Tells you what you cant craft and how to get it, saves looking at wowhead a lot :P

Auctioneer, I dont know how you know about nUI and NOT know about aucitoneer :P, It great for 2 things. It works out the normal market price over time, and bulk posting for it price or a set price.

Sparkys Workshop, If you use auctioneer, this will tell you what you can craft to make money

Postal, If your going to be selling a lot on the AH then you need a mail addon to open all the mail for you. You try hand opening 500 mails from the AH...

Skillet, great addon for crafting a lot of items, sure it not been updated for a long time, but it still works as of 3.2, It also looked after by the same coder as lil sparky workshop, so you know them will work well with each other

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