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nUI Chat Info Panel thingy

Okay, I was wondering, if you could have more than one of these chat panels? See, I like to keep guild/officer/party/raid in one chat panel, but I also have some custom channels I need to keep track of, like my guild's IC channel, and the server's RP channel.
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Yeah... check the nUI: Info Panel download section at http://files.nUIaddon.com -- I'm fairly certain there's at least one, if not a few, info panel plugins for that purpose.

I should add, too, that you can always have more than one tab in the chat frame. Of course, you can only look at one of them at a time.

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Yep, there are 3 chat frame plugins for nUI.

nUI_InfoPanel_GuildChat - Hardcoded guild related chatter in a free chat frame created on the right.

nUI_InfoPanel_Whispers - Hardcoded whisper related chatter in a free chat frame created on the right.

These release themselves on logout and recreates a new chat frame each login. I've noticed sometime it doesn't totally free the old chat frame so you may have to close it manually and do a reloadUI. These rely on at least 1 of the 8 extra chat frames to be free for use. ChatFrame1 is the General, ChatFram2 is the CombatLog.

nUI_InfoPanel_Chat - This works similar to the others except it will save the chat frame it initially picks ad uses it from that point on and if memory serves it doesn't release itself on log out so that users can make changes to it and keep those changes.

All 3 of these talk to each other in the sense that if it can see that one of the other chat frames are using a frame it will leave it and pick the next available one.

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