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Change C_LFGList??

Check out the best utility apk apps and awesome games to make the most out of your Android device!

Here we list out some great utility apps for you to save your device’s battery, as well as apk mobile games with great graphics and easy controls. Visit new apk downloaders to get stunning games and apps.

Charger Booster

Charger Booster is a program designed to make your mobile device faster. Very often there are situations when you need a smartphone or tablet to charge faster. For example, the user needs to hurry somewhere or has other urgent matters. Therefore, it is very important that the device is energized as quickly as possible. For this, there is such a wonderful app called Charger Booster.

It is with such a program that you can quickly charge your smartphone to use it after without any problems. As practice has shown, the app really works, so you definitely need to download it and try it on your own.

Even in the program, there are certain options that help it achieve better-charging results. For example, reducing the brightness of the screen, turning off satellite navigation and other options that greatly affect the power consumption. All this gives the program undeniable advantages.

As a result, Charger Booster is a quality program that will surely help you in the matter of fast charging a mobile device. It will be easier to recharge your mobile device, so be sure to give it a try

Battery Doctor

A universal solution for managing services and apps of the phone - Battery Doctor, allows you to make it more durable and improve battery life on the phone. How well the user sets the parameters of this program depends on how long the phone’s battery will serve him.

A useful utility app that demonstrates how much resource a battery has left for audio, video and conversation modes. The app also shows the battery capacity and its temperature. Thus, the program will alert when the phone battery is fully charged so that it can be prevented from overheating.


Energy Saving Label that completes tasks with one touch!

Exact remaining charging time!

Use power saving modes for work/ study/sleep and so on!

Unique three-stage charging system!

Wi-Fi / Data / Bluetooth Switch!

Brightness adjustment!

Battery temperature!

Smart tips for charging!

28 languages ​​supported!

Easy to use interface!

Download those utility apk apps, save your battery and make your smartphone faster! Next, let’s go through the following action Game that you can't miss: The coolest apk games at Top1apk that will surely blow your mind for its storyline and graphics.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is an exciting 3D shooter in which we have to play as one of the best CIA agents, who has to face a choice before his departure from the organization: either deliver them the last and most important package, Ethan Hunt himself, or go to prison for a very long time. The choice was obvious for the main character: he goes hunting Ethan. After selecting the first mission on the global map, we need to equip the necessary weapons that can be purchased in the in-game store. There you need to buy a sniper rifle with an indicator of POWER 100 and go to the first task.

Controls in the game are very simple and intuitive: with the help of finger movements on the screen, you will control the camera. Also on the screen, there are several buttons that are responsible for various game actions. The button located in the lower right corner of the screen is designed to open fire. But before you press it, you need to aim; for this, you need to use the button located in the opposite corner.

It is worth noting that the main character in the game is always behind the shelter and can run from one shelter to another by pressing the orange arrow, located just above the shooting button.

For each completed mission, you will receive a certain amount of cash that can be spent in the store for the purchase of new weapons or spend in the workshop to improve the existing ones.

Regarding the visual component: Mission Impossible is made in a fully 3D graphics of very good quality. The models are awesome, the textures are clear, the animation is smooth, the optimization is good.


FOLLOW SYNDICATE WORLDWIDE - Destroy enemy agents, penetrate enemy bases, eliminate important targets in various locations around the world!

MAKE DIFFICULT MISSIONS - Perform tasks, pursuing the Syndicate and help the IMF. Eliminate targets from a distance, kill enemies with accurate shots, storm the enemy base

Destroy the bases of the enemies and protect your headquarters - Attack the headquarters of enemies, steal their resources and defend your IMF headquarters! You will be able to strengthen the defence, using drones and other improvements to fight off even the most serious attacks.

JOIN THE AGENCY OR CREATE YOUR OWN - Create your own agency and hire other players to work together to pursue your goal. Use your resources to raise the level of the agency, and get the best rewards for all players!

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is a stylish platformer that tells the story of a selfless Ninja, fighting with dark forces. The demon, who had been imprisoned for a decade, broke free and destroyed the main character’s native village and captured his loved ones in the process. Now our Ninja has to overcome all of the demon’s assistants and then himself.

To do this, we must move forward all the time, fighting enemies, collecting coins and other bonuses. In our arsenal, there are endless shurikens that hit enemies at a distance. In addition, we can zip forward like lighting, destroying everything in its path. However, this ability takes a long time to recharge.

Carefully inspecting the location, we can find caches that are marked with a sword stuck in the ground. There will be vases of gold and other utilities. After completing the level, on the main menu, we spend the money earned to upgrade our ninja abilities.

Ninja Arashi has its own style, somewhat reminiscent of such masterpieces as Limbo. Ninja Arashi is an adventure that you should definitely pay attention to.


Three maps with 45 levels

Clear management

Beautiful graphics

The ability to improve the skills of the hero

The ability to change the appearance of the hero

A large number of enemies

Putting a finishing line..

We hope that you will find this article useful, as well as try our suggested products. You can always find more apk apps at our store, that will boost your smartphone’s performance.

And don’t forget awesome mobile games too! So Download apk files for Android games on Top1apk online store!

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