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Altoholic all dead

Ok any one know a mod like Altoholic?? It seems dead. Here and curse. I realy miss knowing the info for all my chars

I wont ever down load a patch that not off the site. Please dont say to do that. As far as iam concered a off site patch is hacker hell. Not going there. If you wont up load to some where it can be checked your after stuff.
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Depends. Altoholic is a monster that should be 10 AddOns.
For items and stuff I use BankItems
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I had used Altoholic way back in the day, but decided I only really used it for the features I get from BagSync.
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You could try Armory found on WoWI or Curse.
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Originally Posted by kasca View Post
I wont ever download a patch that not off the site.
Don't worry. Forum rules state that only links to a specific list of trusted sites are allowed to be posted. For addons, these are the usual 3 sites, WoWAce, Curse, and WoWInterface.
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The comment thread for Altoholic over on Curse; one of the authors of Skillet (bsmorgan - who has been in the community since 2005) has gathered fan patches together and Zwixx (another addon author who has been in the community since 2005) is offering a temp patch for the addon over on Github. These are the updates you are referring to.... those are safe updates. I'm using it myself and am only having an issue with a few mouseovers (they said there is no workaround right now).

If the people offering temporary updates (ie; fan updates till the original author comes back) are other addon authors solid in the UI authoring community, then the patches are safe.

You can tell who the addon authors are in the comments over there because their avatars have an orange outline. Click their name and you can see what addons they are offering on Curse.

Edit: It's only been 2 months since Altoholic was last updated. Let's not write it off as dead just yet. Thaoky may be working, on vacation, having PC issues, or any number of things may be keeping him from being able to update his addons.
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