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04-23-12, 08:54 PM   #141
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I started as a troll because they looked awesome but then as i played more i switched to nightelf because i think they look hot and im tired of playing so many games where i HAVE to play a male sometimes i just want a change, and i always liked mages in games so i choose a mage Yay for mage Night Elves
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07-11-12, 07:35 PM   #142
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Dwarf FTW

Wanted a pet so first toon was a hunter and it had to be small so of course Dwarf was the only choce!!!!
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10-28-12, 10:57 PM   #143
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I've loved the lore for Dwarves in nearly every game I've played that had them in it.

I always look for a few things when I start a new game.
Can they use/are they good at archery, poisons, necromancy, electricity, or invisibility?

So out of that I determined I wanted to play a hunter, rogue, druid, or shaman.

After a hell of a lot more deliberation and some lore reading I decided on shaman! (Even though I play a rogue now because Enh isn't as viable in RBG's)
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12-06-12, 06:48 AM   #144
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I'm human Mage. Now i'm thinking about profession. How do you think, which would be the best for me?
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12-06-12, 08:28 AM   #145
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Originally Posted by moon_river View Post
I'm human Mage. Now i'm thinking about profession. How do you think, which would be the best for me?
For a new player without higher level characters to siphon resources of off I'd say a typical combo works best.

Tailoring / Enchanting for example.
The primary resource for tailoring will 'gather itself' through killing mobs and looting cloth.
The primary resources for enchanting will also 'gather themselves' through disenchanting unwanted quest rewards and drops and also crafted items from tailoring.
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12-06-12, 09:25 AM   #146
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Originally Posted by Amaru View Post
I've head some weird answerers to this and want to know some of yours.

Me. I chose a Human Pally. Why? Because humans look better than a Dwarf. I cose a pally because I saw some awesome videos with them and the look cool.
Troll Mage. Why - Because 20% haste in pvp is beast for combustion and I like melting face with a buff that nobody else has because everyone hates trolls. See what I did there.
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12-06-12, 06:56 PM   #147
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Troll shadow priest because it was best for this spec in pvp and for leveling
Remember Hex of Weakness (a curse that reduced healing received of target by 20% for 2min)
and the old dmg dealing shadow orbs

Also female troll because male one had weird casting animations and was just ugly.
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02-25-13, 03:49 AM   #148
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I'm Human Paladin, because after buying game I already wanted to play, so I didn't think about it, and picked up whatever.
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05-10-13, 12:11 AM   #149
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The battle within


I always had a difficult time deciding. I've always loved Dwarves so I think at first I made a Dwarf (Can't remember what my first was tbh), but I grew to hate the way gear looked on them so I created new toons. I was always finding things I didn't like about a race/class and rerolling. Eventually I came to the conclusion that what mattered most to me were the cast animations and how gear looked on the race. I also play both Horde and Alliance.

Tauren are one of my favorites in this regard. I like their cast animations and the gear doesn't look squishy or dumpy on them. Their /dance makes me giggle every time.

Undead are also cool looking despite the chunks where their bones show through. I feel 9x out of 10 it makes them look cooler anyway. Cool cast animations and /dance.

Draenei also look good in gear and I think their crossbow animation is epic. Hate their /dance though.

NElf animations suck imo and they look decent in gear despite their funky proportions. Their /dance is what wins me over though.

As far as classes go, I always had trouble with that too. It seemed like everyone had a MAIN and some alts. I felt like I had ALTS. Period. I thoroughly enjoyed every class I picked up, even the melee classes (which I never really enjoyed in other games). That lead me to trying a lot of melee initially.

Rogue and Enh Shammy were probably my first melee mains in any game ever, although I don't think I would have considered them mains now that I type it out.

I guess my first 2 "mains" were Resto Druid and Disc Priest. I love healing but when I played random BG's I always felt like I wasn't making a big enough impact on the game. Keeping people that hit like wet noodles alive doesn't get you very far.

I started using an Aff Lock and Frost Mage more. Even though they play completely differently (DoTs vs Burst) I could never just pick one. I enjoyed them both immensely.

I guess if I HAD to pick one class/race combo for the rest of my WoW "career" it would be Draenei Mage. I love their city and the way they speak. Being a giant purple space goat makes a lot of the mage gear look cool too. The racials are just a plus. With GotN, bandages, and Spellsteal I feel like I can heal myself up pretty well even with no friendly healers around. Between that and Mage CC I feel pretty invincible. Being OP helps too, but even if they nerfed Mages into the ground I don't think I would give up my Magery except maybe to start maining on my Priest or Druid.
[The class I play] is imbalanced and broken, [The class that counters my class] should be nerfed because it's too OP, but [The class I counter] is fine and just needs to L2P.

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05-21-13, 05:23 AM   #150
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I like a lot of races, just haven't got around to making a toon for them each but so far I have:
90 Orc hunter
90 Troll Shaman
72 Orc Warrior

I want a dwarf and a night elf but not sure on their classes
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05-21-13, 12:23 PM   #151
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80 human priest
Because I was boring

85 gnome priest
Because gnomes are awesome

87 goblin priest
No real reason in particular (it was actually the first race selected on the faction change)
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12-14-14, 03:52 AM   #152
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I only play as ranged classes. I prefer ranged attacks versus melee. Can't really explain why, it's just my preference. I currently have:

90 Orc Shaman (Elemental)
90 Troll Druid (Balance)
90 Undead Priest (Shadow)
90 Undead Hunter (Beastmaster)
90 Goblin Mage (Frost)
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12-08-17, 04:54 AM   #153
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I picked BloodElf Paladin because it's the most powerful, as for me! it has a bubble and that really helps, don't you think so?
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